SA’s Favourite Bank?

Vote For Your Favourite Bank Which bank is it a pleasure to deal with as a Debt Counsellor? Which bank has treated you well, as a consumer under debt review? Have your say and vote now VOTE NOW The rules … read more

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The Debt Review Process (Poster)

Debt Review Process Poster SALE If you are looking to decorate your office then you may be interested in the latest poster on offer via our SHOP The poster (which you can see above) comes from the Special Print Edition … read more

Debtfree Jan 2017 Cover

Read Debtfree Magazine Now

Debtfree Magazine – Read it Now The latest issue of Debtfree Magazine is all about how the debt review process works and why credit providers love it so much. We look at the process step by step and discuss industry … read more

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SAs Favourite Credit Providers: Vehicle Finance

SA’s Favourite Vehicle Finance Provider As the last week of SA’s Favourite online voting starts, there is an opportunity for our readers and consumers under debt review to share their views on who is the best company to deal with in … read more

Debtfree Jan 2017 Cover

Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note Jan 2017

Editor’s Note The year sure has got off to a busy start, with petrol prices going up, electricity hikes looming, water getting increasingly scarce, President Trump causing all sorts of chaos (which has been good for the Rand) and all … read more


Read Debtfree Magazine

Read Debtfree Magazine Now This issue of Debtfree Magazine we discuss what being under debt review does to your credit score (we also talk about what that is and if it is important). We have a look back at 2016 … read more


Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note (Dec)

Debtfree Magazine – Our Editor’s Note When the end of the year rolls around, you ask yourself: Where did the time go? Funny how throughout the rest of the year, things seemed to drag by and then suddenly December is … read more


Debtfree Magazine December – The Cover

Debtfree Magazine December We love to give our readers a look at the upcoming issue. This month we not only review the year (2016 was an interesting one) but we also look at recent news and discuss what some consider … read more


Who is your favourite PDA?

Vote For Your Favourite PDA Over the next 8 weeks, people will have the chance to vote for some of their favourite service providers in the debt review industry. Each year the industry itself gets to participate in a peer … read more


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SA’s Favourite Boutique DC (W Cape)

SA’s Favourite Debt Counsellors We asked the industry and consumers who they think is a great Debt Counsellor and allowed them to vote for their favourite in various areas across South Africa. The results are in and the winners in … read more

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SA’s Favourite Large Debt Counselling Firm

SA’s Favourite Large Debt Counselling Firm There are debt counselling firms of many different sizes and philosophies. We already know who SA’s Favourite National Debt Counselling firm is (HERE). Now, we find out who consumers think is their favourite among … read more

New Laws

New Credit Life Insurance Regulations Published

Credit Life Insurance Regulations Slash Maximum Costs Consumers will no doubt benefit from the newly published Government Gazette Credit Life Insurance Regulations. The new regulations have lowered the maximums which can be charged in regard to this seldom claimed form … read more

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SA’s Favourite Vehicle Finance CP

SA’s Favourite VAF Credit Provider A tipping point for many consumers dealing with debt is the day they realise they could lose their vehicle if they do not take action. Fortunately for those who act swiftly and enter debt review, … read more

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SA’s Favourite PDA

SA’s Favourite Payment Distribution Agency The National Credit Act was amended by government to include Payment Distribution Agencies (PDAs) who assist consumers to distribute fund to credit providers while under debt review. These firms make it easy for consumers to … read more

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SA’s Favourite National Debt Counselling Firm

SA’s Favourite National Debt Counsellor The largest debt counselling firms operate country wide. They have clients all over and often more than one office. These firms have a number of Debt Counsellors on the team and many staff members who … read more

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ABSA Open Late Today

ABSA Won’t Answer Your Call Due to a staff event and staff training the ABSA Debt Review team will only be taking calls a bit later than usual today. They have warned that they will only be available after 10:30 am … read more

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SA’s Favourite Bank

SA’s Favourite Bank- Winner When a person enters debt review it is fair to say their relationship with their bank is probably already under strain. Payments may have been missed, letters sent, collections calls made etc. With the start of … read more

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The People Have Spoken

SA’s Favourite – The Results Are In Over the last few weeks and months, we have offered our readers and the industry the chance to cast their vote for various debt review industry role players. Our readers have been able to vote for … read more

Living on Less

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Did You Know You Can Get Free Playstation Games?

Free Games We love it when you can get something for nothing. And we all know that Playstation games are so very expensive. Well maybe there was a time you could afford the latest titles but if you are living … read more

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Do You Have A Money Plan?

Money Plan – What’s That? Here is an infographic from one of SA’s big banks suggesting how a consumer’s monthly spend should look. They call it a ‘money plan‘ many people would call it a quick budget (but that’s not the … read more


Retirement Plans (John Oliver)

John Oliver Talks Retirement Plans This video takes a look at all the promises that retirement plans make. It takes a poke at the middle men and discusses the American set up of such policies. It also has some funny visuals … read more


Are Garnishee Orders Dead? (Video)

Are Garnishee Orders Dead? Our Editor Zak King interviews Seb Alexanderson of National Debt Advisors about garnishee orders (EAOs). What are they? Can they be avoided? Can they be included in a debt review? Can debt review help consumers with garnishee … read more


The Funny But Sad State of the American Debt Industry

America’s Debt Buying Industry Is No Joke This episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight looks at debt buying in the USA. The show is around 20 min and reveals the low levels of protection and regulation in this industry … read more

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Needs Vs Wants

Need Vs Wants- Learning the Difference Can Save You A World Of Pain It is said that many people buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like, with money they don’t have. Keeping up with thee Jones’s … read more

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Understanding Your Credit Report

Understanding Your Credit Report It is one thing to obtain a credit report but another to understand what it is you are seeing. Below you will find a helpful infographic which shows you the main aspects of all credit bureau … read more

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Getting Your Credit Report

How to Get Your Credit Report You have a right to know what information is being stored about you and your credit usage. Here is a helpful infographic all about how to gain access to that information.  Download the Infographic … read more

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Why We Shop Just as sports people get a high from running and exercise our brains also reward us with happy chemicals when we shop. We buy stuff and we feel happy. This can lead to buying things for that … read more