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Debtfree Magazine May 2018 – Our Editor’s Note There is a tree on the slopes of mountains in California that is said by scientists to be an amazing 4700 years old. It survives at a chilling altitude of over 3000m … read more

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Read Debtfree Magazine Now This issue of Debtfree we look at whether you (the consumer under debt review) have what it takes to finish the process. Do you? We also look at some great advice for those in the process and … read more

Debtfree Cover (May 2018)

Debtfree Magazine – The May Cover The May Debtfree online magazine cover will look familiar to those who have seen the recent Special Print Edition. It hints at that feeling of being debt free. No more stresses over who you … read more

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Debt Review Offers Legal Protection

Debt Review Matters And Legal Fees Have you ever been in the situation where you make an arrangement with a creditor to pay them back a smaller amount and feel relieved when they agree, only to have a different person … read more

Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note As people enjoy the last of the long weekends, for a while, and those in the winter rainfall areas give a sigh of relief that finally some rain is falling to keep the drought at bay you may … read more

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Read Debtfree Magazine (April 2018) If you are dealing with debt and actively thinking of trying to get out of debt then this month’s issue of Debtfree Magazine is for you. We look at why debt is bad for you … read more

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Debtfree Magazine Cover Our cover this month expresses the joy of being financially free and having gotten rid of your debt. The feeling of relief and being back on your feet financially is amazing. If you are neck deep in debt … read more

Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note March 2018 A positive attitude can really help when times are tough.  A positive attitude can make you focus on the good in your life (or a situation) and minimize the negative. Although the facts don’t change, the … read more


Wonga Report On Illegal Lending

Download Report On Mashonisas Thousands of illegal credit providers operate country wide informally without being registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) who are engaged in a battle to prevent loan sharks from abusing consumer’s rights. Wonga (who are an … read more

Entrenched Culture Of Mashonisas

40 000 Unregistered Credit Providers? If you lend money to others (for profit) then that means you are a credit provider and as such should be registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).  At present, the NCR has around 6000 … read more

A Movie That Entertains and Trains

One Way To Graceland The recently released movie One Way To Graceland tackles the topics of debt and finances in a clever attempt to help consumers become more financially literate. While many consumers find the prospect of learning and financial … read more

Cops Raid Illegal Credit Providers

NCR & Police Raid Credit Providers The National Credit Regulator (NCR) and South African Police Services (SAPS) began June with a series of raids on various credit providers in Grahamstown, Somerset East, Fort Beaufort and Humansdorp. The NCR is tasked … read more

Did You Know DReX Can Talk Directly To Simplicity?

Consumer Friend & Bitech Announce Integration Between DReX & Simplicity.   Consumer Friend is a company that assists various big credit providers with their debt review process. They are a multiple award-winning company that has taken the lead in regard to … read more

Consumer Friend Credit Provider Club

Consumer Friend Offers Way To Handle POPI Act Complications The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPOI Act) is soon coming into effect and will influence how consumers, credit providers and Debt Counsellors exchange information. In part, it will make it … read more

Debt Review Awards 2018 – Award Winners

2018 Debt Review Awards Winners This year well over 50 companies and individuals were recognised in the Peer Review Process Awards. The increase in numbers is in part due to feedback we received from the industry. This year not only … read more

Debt Review Awards 2018 – The Good Stuff

Debt Review Awards 2018 – Fun & Excitement The Debt Review Awards Gala was held on the 2nd of June 2018 and was the scene of much excitement and laughter. Though the evening in a serious affair with various presentations … read more

Debt Review Awards 2018 – The Speeches

Debt Review Awards 2018 – Presenters and Speeches The Annual Debt Review Awards was held this year at the River Club in Cape Town. The host for the evening was Mr. Rob Van Vuuren (who is famous for his portrayal … read more

Living on Less

Internet Access = Free Games

No Need To Spend Money To Play Games If you have internet access and data then you can take advantage of many free games such as DOTA, League of Legends and more. There are many places that you can get … read more

Paying Your Debt While Under Debt Review

Making Monthly Payments According to the National Credit Act, consumers can choose one of two ways to repay their debts while in debt review.  An organized consumer, who doesn’t mind the risk and effort it takes, can pay each credit … read more

Debt Stress Destroys Lives

Don’t Let Debt Stress Continue Destroying Your Life Scientists tell us that stress leads to all sorts of health issues and is incredibly bad for you. If you owe people a lot of money that you are struggling to repay … read more

How Happy Are You?

World Happiness Report Shows South Africans Are Not Happy The UNO release an annual happiness report on immigration and population happiness in which they rank countries per happiness levels. Now happiness is not a straight forward thing to measure but … read more

A Debt Counsellor’s Responsibilities (Part 1)

What Exactly Does A Debt Counsellor Have To Do? In the past few years, the National Credit Regulator (NCR) has on a number of occasions taken individuals who work at Debt Counselling firms to the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) over … read more

NCR Registered PDAs

NCR Registered Payment Distribution Agencies The National Credit Regulator registers and monitors industry role players such as credit providers, Debt Counsellors, Credit Bureaus, Alternative Dispute Resolution Agents and Payment Distribution Agents (PDAs). Payment Distribution Agents receive money from consumers (normally … read more

Don’t Be Quick To Blame Your Debt Counsellor

The Blame Game Many consumers who are under debt review are frustrated when they are contacted by a collections agent or receive a statement from a credit provider that differs from what they expect to see. Their court order restructuring … read more

Lack Of Balance Can Ruin Your Debt Review

Lack Of Balance Will Cost You All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Conversely, all play and no work is also a bad thing. True, when you owe people a lot of money and have to go … read more

Why New Years Resolutions Fail

Why Do New Year’s Resolutions Fail? Reportedly only around 12% of people actually follow through on their New Year’s Resolutions. Most fail miserably and do so within only a few days. Did You Know: Losing Weight is the Most Common … read more