How One Debt Counsellor Uses Debtfree Magazine

How One Debt Counsellor Uses Debtfree Magazine to assist Consumers Debtfree Magazine spoke to Debt Counsellor (and past contributor to Debtfree Special Print Edition) Annienne Nel of Consumer Debt Support (CDS) about why she likes Debtfree Magazine and how she … read more

Those Who Never Pay

Those Who Never Pay There are many consumers who start the debt review process but never actually follow through. For some debt counsellors, this is as many as one in five consumers who sign up. These consumers are shown on … read more

Read Debtfree Now

Debtfree Magazine October 2018 The latest issue of Debtfree Magazine looks at the fees people in debt review pay and how these are actually saving them money. Doesn’t make sense? It will once you have read the magazine which you … read more

Debtfree Magazine October – Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note Summer is here with a vengeance, who can even remember what it felt like to be cold? It is amazing how quickly your day to day can change. One minute you are trying to decide what heavy jacket … read more

Debtfree Magazine October – Cover

Debtfree Magazine October 2018 – Our Cover The cover of this month’s magazine points to one of the not so obvious benefits of debt review. It is something that people sometimes struggle to understand. How paying professional fees to the … read more

Competition: Online Course – The Winner Is..

Competition: Winner Corporate Rebels offer online courses on a number of industry related topics including Debt Review and the NCA. This month Debtfree magazine teamed up with them to run a competition for our readers. They asked our readers to do … read more

COMPETITION: Win an Online Course

Win an Online Course Valued at R850 How well do you know the National Credit Act? If you work in the industry then you should have a very good understanding of the Act as a whole and in particular, the … read more

Read Debtfree Magazine

Read Debtfree Now This month we look at what happens when someone says they want to take your car. We also look into why the NCR is removing the incentive to investigate if credit providers are giving out credit recklessly … read more

Debtfree Magazine : Editor’s Note

Debtfree Magazine Sept 2018 Editor’s Note Dealing with debt stress can leave you wishing you could just get away and escape your problems for a day or two. That’s why long weekends and public holidays can be a real relief. … read more


Convert More Site Visitors To Clients

Turning Site Visitors Into Clients Although there are so many people in SA who are facing serious debt stress, the number who are applying for debt review has stayed pretty consistently around 12 000 – 14000 a month over the … read more

DCASA Launch Investigation Into Section 71 Implimentation

DCASA Investigate Section 71 Inconsistencies The National Credit Act allows consumers who are under debt review, who pay off all their smaller credit agreements, to leave debt review and continue paying off their large debt (such as a bond). This … read more

Industry Comments On Reckless Lending Fees

Debt Counsellors Submit Reckless Lending Fee Comments The National Credit Regulator (NCR) recently announced their intention to withdraw the fee for reckless lending investigations included in their Debt Counselling Fee Guideline. Before doing so they decided to ask for comments … read more

Mid Term Budget [Highlights]

Mid Term Budget Speech The Rand dived in the wake of the Mid Term Budget Speech which presented a realistic view of the economic growth and pointed to more national debt over the next few years. The speech by newly … read more

DCASA Meeting (October 2018)

DCASA Meeting (Final Regional Meeting of the Year) The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa hosted a meeting for their members in the Western Cape this week at the Parow Golf Course boardroom. The meeting is one of a series of … read more

DCASA AGM Date Announced

DCASA AGM In November Each year the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA) get together to hold their Annual General Meeting (AGM) as per the requirements of their Consitution. DCASA is the largest association of Debt Counsellors in South Africa. … read more

You Can Hand In Your Reports Now If You Want

NCR Statistical Reports Due in November Debt Counsellors have just under a month to prepare and send in their third-quarter statistical reports to the NCR. The reports which cover the period of 1 July to 20th September are due by … read more

Capitec Workshop With Western Cape Debt Counsellors

Capitec Engage With Debt Counsellors It is vital that credit providers and Debt Counsellors have a clear understanding of debt review processes and engage about challenges in the industry. The Capitec Conference held in Stellenbosch this week enabled the bank … read more

Banks Collapse- How Stable Are Local Banks?

How Stable Are SA Banks? With the recent scandal at VBS Mutual Bank consumers have once again been reminded that banks can fail and collapse overnight. Recent history in SA banking has taught consumers that banks are not as stable … read more

Living on Less

Transport Tips: Save On Fuel

Transport Cost Saving Tips It is no joke when we say fuel is expensive. Over the last 5 years, the Rand has consistently lost a Rand a year vs the Dollar and petrol prices are linked to the US Dollar. … read more

What is Your Debt Limit?

What is Your Debt Limit? For many Consumers, the answer to this question is: whatever is approved by the Credit Provider but in many cases, the correct answer is actually the point where you start to experience financial stress.   … read more

Competition: Win an Online Course Worth R950

Win an Online Training CPA Course Worth R950 How well do you know the Consumer Protection Act? There is a lot of overlap between aspects of the National Credit Act and Consumer Protection Act. The CPA actually impacts on how … read more


Be Smart – Check The Facts read more

Discovery Open Vitality Benefits to All

Get Vitality Benefits As A Non Vitality Member Discovery are busy with a big drive to try get people to try out their app and Vitality loyalty program. They have opened access to the app to the general public.   … read more

Debt Review School: Your Debt Counsellor’s Contact Info

Debt Review School It is not uncommon for consumers to lose touch with their Debt Counsellor. You may wonder: How can such a thing happen? Your Debt Counsellor is the person you are now relying on to help with your entire … read more

When Your Contact Details Change

When You Change Your Contact Info It can be exciting to start a new job. Sure, it brings its own stress but also opportunities for advancement and better perks (like more pay so that you can get rid of your debt … read more

Cartoon: Student Debt

Student Debt Cartoon   This cartoon by Randy Glasbergen rings all too true about the state of student debt. In SA, at present, there are two sources of student loans that are commonly used: (1) Government-backed National Student Financial Aid … read more

Check Your Statement

Review Your PDA Statements If you are in debt review and making payments via a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) then you will be getting monthly statements from the PDA. This may differ somewhat from the figures your various credit providers … read more