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Read The Latest Debtfree The National Credit Regulator are asking the public to help them find the right fee structure for debt review. We discuss this as well as the latest debt review related news and reviews from the debt … read more

Debtfree Magazine September – Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note It has been a stormy few weeks for the world. America has been hit by multiple hurricanes including the largest storm ever recorded. Millions of people have been displaced and many have lost homes, businesses and more. Puerto … read more

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Debtfree Magazine September 2017 Cover This month the magazine looks at what consumers are paying for when they pay a monthly after care fee. We also look deeper into the NCR’s initial updated proposal on what they think consumers should … read more

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Debtfree Magazine August 2017 Debtfree Magazine is out and you can read it now. This month we compare dieting and debt review. They share many things in common (like needing it but not wanting it). We also review the DCASA … read more

Debtfree Magazine August 2017 – Editor’s Note

Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note When you hear how much professional fighters get paid you may wonder if you would be prepared to let someone punch you in the face, for half an hour, in order to earn a few … read more

Debtfree Magazine Cover

Debtfree Magazine August Cover This month we ask: Is it time for a debt diet? Maybe a credit cleanse or some bad debt banting. There are many similarities between dieting and debt review. We explore these in this issue. We also … read more

Is Debt Review Expensive?

Is Debt Review Expensive? We all know that you get what you pay for. Buy a cheap ‘n nasty no-name brand product from the guy on the station platform for a pittance, and you will not be surprised if it … read more

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Debtfree Magazine Online – Read It Right Now The latest Debtfree Magazine is available to read online right here (BELOW). This issue we not only catch up on the latest news and goings on in the industry but also consider … read more

Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note

Debtfree July 2017 – Editor’s Note Life in debt review is not one of luxury. It is one of covering the basics while shedding the extra weight of the debt we have accrued. In reality, it is actually moving onward … read more


NCR Quarterly Reports Due (15 Nov)

NCR Quarterly Reports Can Now Be Sent Debt Counsellors report to the NCR about their clients and progress on their cases every 3 months. This helps the NCR double check and add figures to the reports they can draw from … read more

Credit Bureau Woes Impact on Consumer’s Rights

Hot Industry Issue Credit Bureaus Inaccurate Reporting Could Lead to Legal Battles Credit Bureaus store and report on consumers credit usage. They provider records which help other credit providers (and Debt Counsellors) make educated decisions relating to granting credit to … read more

Consumer Friend New Contact Info

Consumer Friend New Email Addresses It has been a busy week or two for Consumer Friend as they launch their DReX system and have had to deal with storms in Durban which closed their offices (temporarily). Fortunately, the storm passed … read more

How To Use The NCT’s Online System

Download the Help Guide In the middle of 2017, the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) announced that they were opening up use of their online file submission portal to give Debt Counsellors yet another option in submitting applications to them. The NCT … read more

DCASA To Host New Webinar

DCASA Members Webinar On Joint Bonds The Debt Counsellors Association Of South Africa (DCASA) offers ongoing training to members. Recently this has been offered via online webinars on various topics. DCASA have announced that they will be hosting a webinar … read more

Storm Closes Down Consume Friend’s Durban Office

Consumer Friend Close office Due To Storm The massive storm hitting Durban is affecting many consumers and businesses including those related to Debt Review. Consumer Friend have announced that they are closing their office for the rest of the day due … read more

Capitec Slash Interest Rates

Capitec Reduce Unsecured Interest Rates While a lot of attention has been focused on what the Reserve Bank is doing with the Repo Rate and how that will affect the interest rate maximums that banks can charge to consumers, Capitec … read more

BMW Finance Told Refund “on the road” Fees

NCR Issue Compliance Notice to BMW Finance The National Credit Regulator has sent BMW Finance a compliance notice over their “on the road” fees A compliance notice is a scary document from the NCR telling a Credit Provider to change … read more

KPMG’s Struggle To Survive

KPMG SA- Will They Survive? The local arm of international auditing firm KPMG is struggling to keep it’s head afloat in the wake of auditing irregularities and in the face of the spreading anti-Gupta feeding frenzy. The SA division of … read more

Living on Less

Debt Review and Marriage

Debt Review And Marriage Planning your financial future with your partner is a big part of any relationship. Marriage links two people together and one way or another it also links their finances and debts as well. Dealing with finances … read more

Visit SA National Parks For Free

South African National Parks Week When watching your finances and counting your pennies under debt review, you have to be wise with how you spend money on entertainment. You may hear about other parents or friends who are able to … read more

Free Star Wars Game

Free Game Parents who have entered debt review may feel that their kids are missing out on all the latest games and crazes (OK, basic spinners are fairly cheap). No-one wants to deprive their kids and stop them from having … read more

Getting Your Credit Report

How to Get Your Credit Report You have a right to know what information is being stored about you and your credit usage. Here is a helpful infographic all about how to gain access to that information.  Download the Infographic … read more

Free Computer Game

StarCraft Now Free If you have internet access then you can enjoy a modern classic for free*. Starcraft is a popular game involving space monsters and marines battling it out on small maps fighting for resources and …other stuff space … read more

Did You Know You Can Get Free Playstation Games?

Free Games We love it when you can get something for nothing. And we all know that Playstation games are so very expensive. Well maybe there was a time you could afford the latest titles but if you are living … read more

Do You Have A Money Plan?

Money Plan – What’s That? Here is an infographic from one of SA’s big banks suggesting how a consumer’s monthly spend should look. They call it a ‘money plan‘ many people would call it a quick budget (but that’s not the … read more

Retirement Plans (John Oliver)

John Oliver Talks Retirement Plans This video takes a look at all the promises that retirement plans make. It takes a poke at the middle men and discusses the American set up of such policies. It also has some funny visuals … read more

Are Garnishee Orders Dead? (Video)

Are Garnishee Orders Dead? Our Editor Zak King interviews Seb Alexanderson of National Debt Advisors about garnishee orders (EAOs). What are they? Can they be avoided? Can they be included in a debt review? Can debt review help consumers with garnishee … read more