Court Case: Phaladi V Lamara

Phaladi V Lamara – Western Cape High Court Withdrawing from Debt Review When a person applies to a Debt Counsellor for help with their debt then the Debt Counsellor notifies the NCR (who in turn notify the credit bureaus). The NCR … read more

Dealing with Family Debt Stress

 Family Debt Stress Researcher Jeffrey Dew conducted a study and found that couples who are in debt, spend less time together and fight more. This makes them more stressed and less happy. These couples even argued for longer than other … read more

Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note Change, Change, Change – the only Constant Do you enjoy change? Most people don’t. It is one reason why when their income drops, most people keep on spending more than they actually can afford as if nothing changed. … read more

Read Debtfree Magazine (Feb)

Read the Latest Issue of Debtfree Magazine The lastest issue of Debtfree Magazine is out and you can read it right now (Below). We have news about the 2018 Budget Speech and how that affects you, about recent industry events … read more

Debtfree February Cover

Debtfree February 2018- The Cover With so much on the go, we decided to delay the release of the magazine by a day or two so that we could add all the latest. The magazine is heading on its way … read more

Want Free Copies Of Debtfree In Print?

Special Print Edition of Debtfree Magazine Coming Debtfree magazine is an online free monthly industry magazine focused on debt counselling and debt review. It is provided online free of charge to help educate consumers and share industry news. Every now … read more

Debtfree Magazine January – Our Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note – January 2018 Water, Steinhoff and Bitcoin. It seems that’s all anyone wants to talk about at the moment. That and how the holidays flew by and it feels like we never had a break at all. Perhaps … read more

Read The January Issue of Debtfree Magazine

Debtfree Magazine January 2018 – Read it Now You can now read the January 2018 issue of Debtfree Magazine. Learn more about how Bitcoin works and what blockchain technology is. Find out all the latest news about Steinhoff and the Draft … read more

Debtfree Magazine January Cover

Debtfree Magazine – Our January Cover This month we talk about drought, bitcoin and Steinhoff. We also look into what is happening with the Portfolio Committee’s plans to amend the National Credit Act. Our cover shows a ‘virtual’ Bitcoin (they don’t … read more


World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day The 15th of March is known as World Consumer Rights Day. Many organisations use the day to raise awareness of consumer rights in their country and also to try to get people involved in demanding that their … read more

Review Of Land Grabbing Constitutionality Weakens Rand

Parliament Review of Land Expropriation Weakens Rands Gains There has long been a push by political parties to look at Land Expropriation without financial compensation (taking land and not paying for it). Recently it has come to the fore at … read more

Cryptocurrencies on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Last Week Tonight Discuss Cryptocurrencies Comedian TV show host John Oliver discusses and explains this hot topic in a light-hearted fashion. Everything from Bitcoin to #hodlengang Please note that this show airs late night and may feature adult language read more

4 New Banks In 2018

Four New Banks To Begin Operations In 2018 3 brand new banks and a new look PostBank will begin operating in 2018. This means 4 new Debt Review departments that Debt Counsellors will be dealing with on a regular basis … read more

Portfolio Committee Hearings on Constitutionality of NCA Amendments

Portfolio Committee Hearings at Parliament About NCA Amendments The Portfolio Committee on Trade & Industry is trying to get amendments to the National Credit Act (NCA) passed in an effort to bring into existence something called Debt Intervention. This plan … read more

FNB Host Debt Counsellor Conference in Cape Town

FNB Debt Counsellor Conference Debt Counsellors braved the early morning traffic in a windy Cape Town to make their way to FNB’s beautiful glass building in the city CBD. Debt Counsellors and attorneys from businesses both large and small gathered … read more

SA Economy Grew 3.1% At The End Of 2017

GDP increased More Than Expected – That’s Good It is always nice to hear that you have grown your business or income by more than you had expected. Essentially, this is what South Africa did, as a country, at the … read more

Will March Bring A Repo Rate Cut?

Will The Reserve Bank Cut The Repo Rate? On the 28th of March, the Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will review the Repo rate (which affects how much % you pay on your credit). Many economists are saying that … read more

Don’t Email Consumer Friend About…

Consumer Friend Statements & Paid Up Letters Consumer Friend is an outsourced company who help credit providers comply with the requirements and practicalities of the National Credit Act and debt review. They have many large clients who have clients under … read more

Living on Less

How Happy Are You?

World Happiness Report Shows South Africans Are Not Happy The UNO release an annual happiness report on immigration and population happiness in which they rank countries per happiness levels. Now happiness is not a straight forward thing to measure but … read more

A Debt Counsellor’s Responsibilities (Part 1)

What Exactly Does A Debt Counsellor Have To Do? In the past few years, the National Credit Regulator (NCR) has on a number of occasions taken individuals who work at Debt Counselling firms to the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) over … read more

NCR Registered PDAs

NCR Registered Payment Distribution Agencies The National Credit Regulator registers and monitors industry role players such as credit providers, Debt Counsellors, Credit Bureaus, Alternative Dispute Resolution Agents and Payment Distribution Agents (PDAs). Payment Distribution Agents receive money from consumers (normally … read more

Don’t Be Quick To Blame Your Debt Counsellor

The Blame Game Many consumers who are under debt review are frustrated when they are contacted by a collections agent or receive a statement from a credit provider that differs from what they expect to see. Their court order restructuring … read more

Lack Of Balance Can Ruin Your Debt Review

Lack Of Balance Will Cost You All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Conversely, all play and no work is also a bad thing. True, when you owe people a lot of money and have to go … read more

Why New Years Resolutions Fail

Why Do New Year’s Resolutions Fail? Reportedly only around 12% of people actually follow through on their New Year’s Resolutions. Most fail miserably and do so within only a few days. Did You Know: Losing Weight is the Most Common … read more

How Much Water Are You Using?

Calculate Your Water Usage Ever wondered how much water you are using every day? The City of Cape Town are trying to make it easy for Capetownians (and others) to see if you are below or above the set target … read more

Success Stories: Peter Mabula

Retrenchment And Debt Collectors We all know the economy is in trouble and that many businesses are struggling to make ends meet. But it is a kind of intellectual knowledge and it is only when your company is going through … read more

Success Stories: Michelle Kaba

Finding Help During a Dark Time Michelle Kaba lived a perfect life – or so it seemed. She was happily married and all was going well. Her loving husband, John, worked hard and provided for her and their son.   One … read more