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Read Debtfree Magazine Now This month we review the recent Debt Review Awards and catch up with both a Debt Counsellor and the newly registered Payment Distribution Agency. We also discuss coping with the increasing cost of living while under … read more

Debtfree Magazine: Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note For the June Issue   Brrr…it’s cold. So cold that we recently put the heaters on at home, only to get a horrible surprise as the electricity bill shot up (we use a prepaid meter so we can … read more

Debtfree Magazine Cover (June 2018)

Debtfree Magazine Cover – First Look We enjoy sharing the covers of the coming issue to help give a taste of what lies in store. This month we are bringing the heat to the industry with all the action from … read more

Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note

Debtfree Magazine May 2018 – Our Editor’s Note There is a tree on the slopes of mountains in California that is said by scientists to be an amazing 4700 years old. It survives at a chilling altitude of over 3000m … read more

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Read Debtfree Magazine Now This issue of Debtfree we look at whether you (the consumer under debt review) have what it takes to finish the process. Do you? We also look at some great advice for those in the process and … read more

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Debtfree Magazine – The May Cover The May Debtfree online magazine cover will look familiar to those who have seen the recent Special Print Edition. It hints at that feeling of being debt free. No more stresses over who you … read more

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Debt Review Offers Legal Protection

Debt Review Matters And Legal Fees Have you ever been in the situation where you make an arrangement with a creditor to pay them back a smaller amount and feel relieved when they agree, only to have a different person … read more

Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note As people enjoy the last of the long weekends, for a while, and those in the winter rainfall areas give a sigh of relief that finally some rain is falling to keep the drought at bay you may … read more


DCASA Meeting

DCASA W Cape Meeting The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa will be hosting a meeting in the Western Cape for Debt Counsellors during July (24th). The meeting takes place at the Parow Golf Course. All are welcome. Members attend … read more

How To Upload To DReX [Download]

Helpful Guide to Uploading on DReX Using new technology can present you with faster and more convenient ways to overcome former obstacles. It can also be a pain…because you have never done it before. Doing something for the first time … read more

Nedbank To Provide Funds For VBS Clients

VBS Mutual Clients To Get Money From Nedbank VBS Mutual Bank are famous for providing former President Zuma with urgently needed cash to cover his expenses when times were hard even though it was doubtful he could actually repay the … read more

African Bank Alternative Collections Structure

African Bank Alternative Collections African Bank recently shared a helpful graphic of their internal Alternative Collections department. This department handles (among other things) debt review matters. As with any corporate structure, it always helps to talk to the right person … read more

Another Petrol Price Increase Coming Soon

Another Petrol Price Hike Coming in August If you think the recent 26 Cent price increase just hit you hard in your pocket, then you are not going to like what analysts say is going to happen in August this … read more

NCR To Relook At Capitec Lending?

NCR Asked to Relook at Capitec? Following hot on the heels of Capitec Bank and Summit Financial Services finally settling their differences over the bank’s former MultiLoan product (which consumers could access again at an ATM after answering some questions), … read more

Summit & NCR Back Off Capitec After Settlement

Capitec and Summit Kiss and Make Up Over the last while, Summit Financial Partners (Summit) and Capitec Bank have been at each other’s throats over accusations of reckless lending. Things got ugly as the National Credit Regulator and the Courts … read more

Credit Bureau Monitor [Download]

Credit Bureau Monitor The NCR regularly make available information which they gather from the various registered credit bureaus in SA. This report is called the Credit Bureau Monitor. The report features some interesting facts and figures up until the 3rd … read more

Petrol Price Going Up Again

Petrol Price Going Up This Week It is hard not to get depressed when you find out that petrol will be going up for the 5th time this year as it sours to a new record high locally. Petrol will … read more

Living on Less

Student Debt [Photo]

Student Debt We all know that a good education is beneficial in many ways. Sadly it is not always helpful in getting a person a high paying job in South Africa. Former students with a higher education qualification are one … read more


Staying in Debt Review Despite the Increasing Cost of Living

Staying in Debt Review Despite the Increasing Cost of Living Debt review is a fantastic process which can help you repay your debts in a more realistic and achievable manner every month. The process can and will save consumers thousands … read more

Banking Cartoon

Did you know: Banks are allowed to lend out funds as long as they have a little of what they lend out. This is called fractional reserve. This is one of the reasons they like to have you deposit money … read more

Getting the Most Out of Free Games

Free Games When living on less you are always looking for a cheap way to have fun that won’t break the bank. Otherwise, your whole life can just be about paying off your debt and you can forget to have … read more

Cartoon: Student Debt

Student Debt The benefits of borrowing to further your education can be heavily offset by the resultant debt. read more


Sometimes it feels this way… read more

Food Now More Expensive Than Ever

PACSA Food Barometer Reveals Recent Price Raise The Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action (Pacsa) regularly do a price tracking exercise where they buy food to feed a family of seven. The objective is to compare the current cost with … read more

Amending Your Garnishee Orders

Amending EAOs – It Can Be Done An Emolument Attachment Order or EAO is when a creditor gets a court to give them permission to take part of your salary to pay off a debt. Most people refer to this as … read more

Internet Access = Free Games

No Need To Spend Money To Play Games If you have internet access and data then you can take advantage of many free games such as DOTA, League of Legends and more. There are many places that you can get … read more