Debtfree May 2017 Cover

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Read Debtfree Magazine Now The latest Debtfree magazine asks the question: are you subtly undermining and sabotaging your own debt review through the choices you make. We also have news, reviews and tips on how to deal with collections agents … read more

Debtfree May 2017 Cover

Debtfree – Our Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note May 2017 Running out of water has been on the mind of those living in Cape Town for a few weeks now. Dam levels are dropping and as the rest of the country watches the city of many … read more

Debtfree May 2017 Cover

Debtfree Magazine – The May Cover

Debtfree May 2017 – The Cover We like to give our readers a look at the new cover when the magazine is almost available to read. Well, with the magazine out any second now we wanted to share the new … read more


In a Nutshell: Blame it on the Blues

Blame it on the Blues  Blame it on the ‘blues’, blame it on stress, blame it on poor health, blame it on debt.  Yes it’s true, high levels of debt are often the cause for people’s poor health. People who … read more

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Read The Latest Debtfree Magazine Online Now The latest Debtfree Magazine asks if it is possible to DIY your own Debt Review. Many consumers wonder if they really need to make use of a Debt Counsellor under various circumstances. We … read more

Debtfree Magazine Cover April 2017

Editor’s Note April 2017

Our Editor’s Note April is normally a relaxing month. It is all these public holidays which create short weeks and many take time off to relax and recuperate. Business owners normally find this time of the year less restful as … read more

Debtfree Magazine Cover April 2017

Debtfree Magazine – The April Cover

Debtfree Magazine – The New Cover We like to give our readers an advanced look at the new cover of the upcoming issue this month. Here it is. The issue is not out yet but we will be sure to … read more

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Debtfree Print Mag Helps Spread Info On the Debt Review Process

Debtfree Magazine Spreads the Word About Debt Review The recent Debtfree Special Print Edition has been used by Debt Counsellors across the country to help spread education about the debt review process and how it works. One Debt Counsellor recently … read more

Debtfree Magazine web

Ask Your PDA for Print Copies of Debtfree Magazine

Get Print Copies of Debtfree Magazine Every now and then Debtfree magazine comes out in print. This enables Debt Counsellors to take copies of the magazine into their communities and promote debt review as well as their own services. If … read more


DCASA Conference

DCASA Conference Coming In August

DCASA Annual Conference The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA) Annual Conference will be taking place on 16th August at Emperors Palace, Gauteng. They have now opened invitations to all in the industry who wish to attend. More details … read more


NCR Meet Parliamentary Trade & Industry Committee (June)

Treasury and NCR Discuss “Extinguishing” Debt at Parliament Efforts to garner votes in the past has led to strange political publicity stunts like the so-called credit “amnesty” which confused the living daylights out of consumers (as it was intended to). In that … read more


Capitec & Consumer Friend Win Big At Debt Review Awards

Credit Provider Winners at the Debt Review Awards 2017 The annual Debt Review Awards recognises those firms working hard to make a success of debt review and reveals the results of an industry-wide peer review. At the Awards Gala this … read more


Debt Counsellor Winners at the Debt Review Awards

Debt Counsellors Recognised at Annual Debt Review Awards The Debt Review Awards reflects the findings of an industry-wide peer review by industry roleplayers. Counterparts in the industry review the recent actions of the firms they deal with day to day. The … read more

Winner CvdS

Hyphen PDA Win Big At Debt Review Awards 2017

Hyphen PDA Take Home 4 Awards Hyphen PDA is one of the NCR registered companies that are allowed to handle funds for consumers under debt review.  Debt Counsellors never handle money for consumers in the process. Consumers are able under … read more

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The Debt Review Awards Gala

Debt Review Awards Gala 2017 The Annual Debt Review Awards is a modest evening gala where people from across the industry walk the red carpet and attend an awards ceremony which recognises the top companies in the industry as well … read more

Sold out

Debtfree Readers To Attend the 2017 Annual Debt Review Awards

Readers Won Tickets to the Annual Debt Review Awards With only a few days until the Annual Debt Review Awards Gala, excitement is running high across the industry. On Sat the 10th of June 2017 all the winners and top … read more


Lewis Dodge NCR Club at NCT

Lewis Fend off NCR Action at Tribunal Riding high on their recent victory against Edcon (Edcon have to give billions of rand back to consumers if their appeal doesn’t work out) the National Credit Regulator began to roll out action against … read more


Court Case: Changing of Interest Rates

Can  A Court Amend Interest By Consent? After the somewhat disastrous Nedbank V Jones ruling, in which a Western Cape court ruled that interest rates in a debt review matter can’t unilaterally be changed but then seemed to go further … read more

Living on Less

Starcraft 4

Free Computer Game

StarCraft Now Free If you have internet access then you can enjoy a modern classic for free*. Starcraft is a popular game involving space monsters and marines battling it out on small maps fighting for resources and …other stuff space … read more

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Did You Know You Can Get Free Playstation Games?

Free Games We love it when you can get something for nothing. And we all know that Playstation games are so very expensive. Well maybe there was a time you could afford the latest titles but if you are living … read more

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Do You Have A Money Plan?

Money Plan – What’s That? Here is an infographic from one of SA’s big banks suggesting how a consumer’s monthly spend should look. They call it a ‘money plan‘ many people would call it a quick budget (but that’s not the … read more


Retirement Plans (John Oliver)

John Oliver Talks Retirement Plans This video takes a look at all the promises that retirement plans make. It takes a poke at the middle men and discusses the American set up of such policies. It also has some funny visuals … read more


Are Garnishee Orders Dead? (Video)

Are Garnishee Orders Dead? Our Editor Zak King interviews Seb Alexanderson of National Debt Advisors about garnishee orders (EAOs). What are they? Can they be avoided? Can they be included in a debt review? Can debt review help consumers with garnishee … read more


The Funny But Sad State of the American Debt Industry

America’s Debt Buying Industry Is No Joke This episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight looks at debt buying in the USA. The show is around 20 min and reveals the low levels of protection and regulation in this industry … read more

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Needs Vs Wants

Need Vs Wants- Learning the Difference Can Save You A World Of Pain It is said that many people buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like, with money they don’t have. Keeping up with thee Jones’s … read more

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Understanding Your Credit Report

Understanding Your Credit Report It is one thing to obtain a credit report but another to understand what it is you are seeing. Below you will find a helpful infographic which shows you the main aspects of all credit bureau … read more

credit report scrabble

Getting Your Credit Report

How to Get Your Credit Report You have a right to know what information is being stored about you and your credit usage. Here is a helpful infographic all about how to gain access to that information.  Download the Infographic … read more