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Read the November Issue of Debtfree Magazine Now This month we look ahead to the end of the year and ask if you are ready for December. Not everyone is and many people fall out of Debt Review at the … read more

Editor’s Note

Debtfree November 2017 – Our Editor’s Note   Summer is finally here. You can probably taste the end of year break already. Schools are wrapping up exams and kids are looking forward to the summer holidays. People at work are … read more

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Debtfree Magazine – Our November Cover We love to share our latest covers with our readers before the new issue comes out (this week). Here is a first look at our November cover. This month we look at the dreaded December … read more

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Read the Latest Issue of Debtfree SA’s Free Debt Counselling and Debt Review Magazine This month we discuss how long it takes to settle different forms of credit and compare that with options for becoming debt free like sequestration, administration … read more

Debtfree Magazine (Oct 2017): Editor’s Note

Debtfree October 2017: Our Editor’s Note “Good things come to those who wait“. “Time heals all wounds”. “Slow and steady wins the race“.   All these sentiments, which you have, at some time, no doubt heard someone say about a … read more

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Debtfree Magazine October Cover Our cover for October probably hits home with anyone who is trying to pay off debt, in one form or another. We all want to be debt free but the question is: How long is it … read more

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Read The Latest Debtfree The National Credit Regulator are asking the public to help them find the right fee structure for debt review. We discuss this as well as the latest debt review related news and reviews from the debt … read more

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Editor’s Note It has been a stormy few weeks for the world. America has been hit by multiple hurricanes including the largest storm ever recorded. Millions of people have been displaced and many have lost homes, businesses and more. Puerto … read more

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Debtfree Magazine September 2017 Cover This month the magazine looks at what consumers are paying for when they pay a monthly after care fee. We also look deeper into the NCR’s initial updated proposal on what they think consumers should … read more


NCR Conference: Highlights (Part 1)

NCR Conference 2017 The National Credit Regulator (NCR) held their annual conference in Cape Town in December 2017. It was attended by credit providers and Debt Counsellors from all over the region. After an introduction and some announcements by the … read more

NCR Debt Counselling Conference 2017

NCR Debt Counselling Conference The National Credit Regulator (NCR) are holding a conference in Cape Town today. The conference is themed as a ‘Reflection and Celebration‘ of debt review. Speakers at the conference range from Magistrates to Debt Counsellors and the … read more

Draft Amendments to NCA published for comment in 2018

Download the Draft Amendment Bill and Have Your Say The National Credit Act (NCA) sets out the law in regard to how credit providers and consumers interact with regard to credit usage. It also empowers the National Credit Regulator and National Consumer … read more

DCASA Annual General Meeting – Highlights

DCASA Annual General Meeting The DCASA Annual General Meeting was held on the 14th of November 2017 at Kempton Park Golf Club. Mr Paul Slot, the President of DCASA, opened the meeting by giving a brief industry update. (The full … read more

S&P Finally Downgrade SA to ‘Junk’ Status

S&P Junk SA’s Local Currency Rating Global rating agency Standard & Poor’s have finally downgraded SA’s long-term local currency rating to the dreaded “Junk” Status (BB+) from their previous rating of BBB- which meant ‘non investment grade’. The rating now … read more

Debt Consolidation or Debt Counselling?

Debt Consolidation or Debt Counselling? The NCR are on a drive to help consumers understand the difference between Debt Consolidation and Debt Counselling. They feel that sometimes consumers may think they are signing up for one or the other but … read more

Opinion: SANSOM V MARS AND OTHERS (A158/2017) [2017] ZAWCHC 112 (13 SEPTEMBER 2017).

SANSOM V MARS AND OTHERS  [By: CHARLES GEEL ] It has been a long time coming, but for the first time in 2 years, the Debt Counselling Industry received a favourable and very well considered judgement by the full bench of … read more


DCASA AGM Today The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA) is being held today at the Kempton Park Golf Club. AGMs give associations the chance to attend to some critical business, like updating … read more

Debt Counsellors Reports To The NCR Due

Debt Counsellor Quarterly Reports Due On Wednesday Debt Counsellors are reminded that they have to hand in their quarterly reports to the NCR with recent debt review statistics (from 1st of July till the end of September 2017). The reports are due by the … read more

Living on Less

How Much Water Are You Using?

Calculate Your Water Usage Ever wondered how much water you are using every day? The City of Cape Town are trying to make it easy for Capetownians (and others) to see if you are below or above the set target … read more

Success Stories: Peter Mabula

Retrenchment And Debt Collectors We all know the economy is in trouble and that many businesses are struggling to make ends meet. But it is a kind of intellectual knowledge and it is only when your company is going through … read more

Success Stories: Michelle Kaba

Finding Help During a Dark Time Michelle Kaba lived a perfect life – or so it seemed. She was happily married and all was going well. Her loving husband, John, worked hard and provided for her and their son.   One … read more

Spring clean your finances

Spring clean your finances It’s Summer time, time for fresh beginnings, and the opportunity to spring clean.  However, instead of spring-cleaning your cupboards, how about spring-cleaning your finances? The first step in the Spring-cleaning process is to take stock of … read more

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Debt Review School: PDA Statements Vs Credit Provider Statements

Are You Seeing A Difference Between Your Credit Provider Statement and the PDA Statement?   read more

7 Simple Holiday Savings Tips

Holiday Savings Tips Who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s the best time of the year, where family and friends get together and we finally get to just have some fun. But, in the midst of all this fun, laughter, food … read more

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Debt Review School – PDA Banking Details

Someone Telling You The PDA Has Changed Banking Details? read more

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Debt Review School – New Email Address

Did you just change your email address? read more

3 Personal Finance Tips That Will Change The Way You’ve Been Thinking

3  Simple Tips That Will Change The Way You Think About Your Finances Being a finance ninja is a full-time job. Why? Because getting your budget under control can be a rather challenging task. It takes time and effort, grasshopper. … read more