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Don’t Bad Mouth Your Debt Counsellor

Debt Counsellor Wins Out in Defamation Case It is seldom when a consumer speaks poorly of their Debt Counsellor, since this is the one person who is trying to help them deal with their debt… but it can and does … read more


Editor’s Note September 2016

As the last few months of the year pass then we naturally begin to think about end of year holidays and getting to forget all our stresses and rather just have a little fun.  Take a look at this months … read more


Read Debtfree DIGI September 2016

Debtfree DIGI Magazine is out The September issue of Debtfree Magazine is available. This month we discuss why stress is so bad and what you can do about debt stress (and other forms of stress stress over your client’s … read more


Debtfree DIGI September 2016 – The Cover

Debtfree DIGI September 2016 is Coming We like to give our readers a glimpse of the cover a few days before we release the magazine for reading. As usual our covers like to look at the positive and fun wherever … read more

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Your Website is Awful!

Get More Clients…or Don’t! They say your website is a salesman that works 24/7 and never gets paid a cent. Sounds great. But does a website assure you of clients? If you have a website but don’’t get any business … read more


Industry Jargon Explained

What do all those fancy words and terms mean? We look at some common phrases or words used when under debt review.     “Court Application” Your Debt Counsellor will turn their proposal about how they think you should repay … read more

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Debtfree DIGI August- Editor’s Note

Do you remember the Hula Hoop or YoYo crazes of your youth? Well, the world has once again been taken a storm by yet another craze, namely Pokemon GO. It is a game played on mobile phones which has hundreds … read more

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Debtfree DIGI August 2016 – The Cover

Debtfree Cover – Aug 2016 We love to share our new covers with our readers. Often they feature places and scenes that help you think what it will be like to be debt free one day. This month we decided … read more



NCR Warn Of Misleading Adverts

Misleading Advertising? The National Credit Regulator (NCR)register and monitor the activity of Debt Counsellors in South Africa. They recently warned consumers about Debt Counselling Firms who promise a reduction in monthly debt repayments through debt review. If a consumer is … read more

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DCASA W Cape November Meeting Date

DCASA Western Cape To Meet In November The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa are meeting together in Cape Town on the 1st of November 2016. DCASA are the biggest Debt Counselling Association in South Africa and hold regional meetings … read more

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Rand Dives As Finance Minister Is Summonsed

Can SA Stand Yet Another Appointment Of  Yet Another Finance Minister? The Rand took a serious nose dive this month as the long-time brewing charges against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan eventually materialised. World wide this looks incredibly bad and also … read more


Truworths Hard Hit By New Regulations

30% Fewer Accounts Opened Since Regulations With changes to the National Credit Act and regulations one of the features which were tightened up was the checks that credit providers have to perform before they decide to give a consumer credit. … read more

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NCT Back In Cape Town

NCT in CT Again Cape Town has the second highest concentration of Debt Counsellors in the country with many thousands of people signing up for help each month. The National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) will be back in Cape Town on the … read more


Securitisation Case In November

Court Case Could Expose Securitisation Failings An important case involving securitisation will be heard in November in the South Gauteng High Court. It relates to a consumers dispute with ABSA bank over documents the bank claims were burnt up in … read more

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Consumer Debt Grows

More Consumers Deeper In Debt The latest Consumer Credit Market Report from the National Credit Regulator (NCR) has shown that more consumers than ever are accessing credit and more consumers are getting in over their heads and have lost control … read more


Free Credit Reports? No Thanks

Free? No Thanks It is seldom that a South African will turn down something for nothing. Pasala, Mahala Gratis, these are great words in our lingo. We love free stuff but not when it comes to gaining access to our … read more


NCT Motion Court in CT

NCT Motion Court In Cape Town This Week The National Consumer Tribunal has authority to hear a certain type of debt review matters and can make debt restructuring orders where all parties are happy with the repayment proposal. This week … read more

Living on Less

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Needs Vs Wants

Need Vs Wants- Learning the Difference Can Save You A World Of Pain It is said that many people buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like, with money they don’t have. Keeping up with thee Jones’s … read more

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Understanding Your Credit Report

Understanding Your Credit Report It is one thing to obtain a credit report but another to understand what it is you are seeing. Below you will find a helpful infographic which shows you the main aspects of all credit bureau … read more

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Getting Your Credit Report

How to Get Your Credit Report You have a right to know what information is being stored about you and your credit usage. Here is a helpful infographic all about how to gain access to that information.  Download the Infographic … read more

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Why We Shop Just as sports people get a high from running and exercise our brains also reward us with happy chemicals when we shop. We buy stuff and we feel happy. This can lead to buying things for that … read more

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Pokemeon Go – What’s All The Hype?

Pokemon GO If you have not heard about Pokemon GO then it is possible you have not been outdoors for a few weeks and have no internet connection. POGO (as some people refer to it) is what is called an … read more

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Free Computer Games from Ubisoft

Ubisoft Give Away Older Games For Free This year computer gaming company Ubisoft turn 30. To celebrate staying in business and making so much money they are giving away downloads of their older games for free. In total 7 games, … read more

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Can They Take Your Car?

They Want To Take Your Car – Do You Have To Let Them? For many years now, creditors have found some quite ingenious and subtle methods to obtain payment from a defaulting consumer.   These methods have included having an agent … read more

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PDAs Increase The Success of Debt Review

IN A NUTSHELL PDAs Increase The Success of Debt Review It is tempting to do things just because you can. However, unless you are well equipped to deal with the risks of going it alone in the debt review industry, … read more

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Making Your Debt Review Work – The Final Step to a Successful Debt Review

Making Your Debt Review Work If you have already taken the preceding 4 steps to make a success of your debt review then you will avoid a lot of hardship and problems. You will know who to trust and who … read more