Debtfree Magazine January – Our Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note – January 2018 Water, Steinhoff and Bitcoin. It seems that’s all anyone wants to talk about at the moment. That and how the holidays flew by and it feels like we never had a break at all. Perhaps … read more

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Debtfree Magazine January 2018 – Read it Now You can now read the January 2018 issue of Debtfree Magazine. Learn more about how Bitcoin works and what blockchain technology is. Find out all the latest news about Steinhoff and the Draft … read more

Debtfree Magazine January Cover

Debtfree Magazine – Our January Cover This month we talk about drought, bitcoin and Steinhoff. We also look into what is happening with the Portfolio Committee’s plans to amend the National Credit Act. Our cover shows a ‘virtual’ Bitcoin (they don’t … read more

Your Marketing This Year

Free Marketing Budgeting Spread Sheet A common complaint of many businesses is that they need more clients. This is even true of Debt Counsellors who would like to help more people with debt review. Though many people might need your … read more

Debt Counsellor Profile: Chris Craven of Zero Debt

Debt Counsellor Profile: Chris Craven (Zero Debt) Debtfree Magazine got to speak to experienced Debt Counsellor, Chris Craven about his practice and how he helps consumers in debt trouble. We asked him a few questions about his background and how he … read more

Cover of Debtfree December 2017

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Read Debtfree Magazine (December issue) Now We hope you enjoy reading this month’s magazine. We have a look back at the year. From Trump To Ramaphosa and everything in between.  We also ask if you have learned anything about finances … read more

Cover of Debtfree December 2017

Debtfree Magazine- Editor’s Note (Dec 2017)

Debtfree Magazine: Editor’s Note Picture the scene; you are standing in your friend’s kitchen as they cook some food. You are enjoying a pleasant evening together when they start to tell you about how business is tough and their debts … read more

Cover of Debtfree December 2017

Debtfree Magazine Cover (December 2017)

Debtfree Magazine – The December Cover This month we ask if you are getting smarter by being under debt review? Have you been picking up good habits and learning new things? As you may know each month in the magazine … read more

Profile: David O’Brien of Meerkat

Profile:   MANAGING DIRECTOR AT MEERKAT DAVID O’BRIEN     ________________________________________________________________________________ Can you tell us a little about yourself (your background) and how you came to found Meerkat? I had been a product designer for Old Mutual for nearly 20 … read more


Finwise Maintenance (Feb 2018)

Finwise Maintenance Finwise is a debt review software system used by Debt Counsellors to assist consumers and interact with Payment Distribution Agency DC Partner. Users are being notified that the system will be getting some maintenance on the 15th between … read more

Quarterly Reports Due

Debt Counsellors To Hand In Reports Debt Counsellors are to hand in their Form 42 quarterly statistical returns to the National Credit Regulator (NCR) by the 15th of February 2018. The NCR uses this information in conjunction with the information … read more

MR Price Debt Review’s New Home

Consumer Friend Take Over Handling Mr Price Debt Review Consumer Friend is a company which specialises in assisting credit providers in handling their debt review obligations. This award-winning company is now taking on another large credit provider client as of 12th … read more

FNB Debt Review Centre On 12th February

FNB Debt Review Centre Shut Temporarily The FNB Debt Review Centre will be holding a meeting between 10 am and noon (12) on Monday 12th February and will be out of touch during this time. Normal operations will resume after the … read more

Standard Bank’s Presentation at Parliament (Re: Debt Intervention)

Standard Bank’s Presentation on the Draft NCA Amendment Bill Standard Bank joined a number of other interested parties in making a public presentation about the Portfolio Committee on Trade & Industry’s proposed changes to the National Credit Act, this month. … read more

Meet Maximus

Maximus To Meet With Debt Counsellors Country-wide Maximus is a computer system which helps Debt Counsellors run their business and assists with calculating debt repayment plans and preparing documents needed during the debt review process. Maximus is about to travel … read more

The South African Rich

Rich South Africans You may not think of South Africa as being a country of rich people but around 84 000 South Africans are part of the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest people. The proverbial 1%. Millionaires A Million Dollars is … read more

DCASA Meetings (Feb 2018)

DCASA Meetings In February The Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA) is the largest and oldest Debt Counsellor’s association and regularly holds meetings in different regions for members. Meeting Dates During February DCASA are holding 3 or more meetings. In … read more

FNB Host Cape Town Debt Counsellor Conference in March

FNB Debt Counsellor Conference in March (Cape Town) FNB’s Debt Review Centre will be holding a conference with Debt Counsellors in Cape Town during March 2018. The debt review focussed Conference will be held at their beautiful glass Portside building … read more

Living on Less

A Debt Counsellor’s Responsibilities (Part 1)

What Exactly Does A Debt Counsellor Have To Do? In the past few years, the National Credit Regulator (NCR) has on a number of occasions taken individuals who work at Debt Counselling firms to the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) over … read more

NCR Registered PDAs

NCR Registered Payment Distribution Agencies The National Credit Regulator registers and monitors industry role players such as credit providers, Debt Counsellors, Credit Bureaus, Alternative Dispute Resolution Agents and Payment Distribution Agents (PDAs). Payment Distribution Agents receive money from consumers (normally … read more

Don’t Be Quick To Blame Your Debt Counsellor

The Blame Game Many consumers who are under debt review are frustrated when they are contacted by a collections agent or receive a statement from a credit provider that differs from what they expect to see. Their court order restructuring … read more

Lack Of Balance Can Ruin Your Debt Review

Lack Of Balance Will Cost You All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Conversely, all play and no work is also a bad thing. True, when you owe people a lot of money and have to go … read more

Why New Years Resolutions Fail

Why Do New Year’s Resolutions Fail? Reportedly only around 12% of people actually follow through on their New Year’s Resolutions. Most fail miserably and do so within only a few days. Did You Know: Losing Weight is the Most Common … read more

How Much Water Are You Using?

Calculate Your Water Usage Ever wondered how much water you are using every day? The City of Cape Town are trying to make it easy for Capetownians (and others) to see if you are below or above the set target … read more

Success Stories: Peter Mabula

Retrenchment And Debt Collectors We all know the economy is in trouble and that many businesses are struggling to make ends meet. But it is a kind of intellectual knowledge and it is only when your company is going through … read more

Success Stories: Michelle Kaba

Finding Help During a Dark Time Michelle Kaba lived a perfect life – or so it seemed. She was happily married and all was going well. Her loving husband, John, worked hard and provided for her and their son.   One … read more

Spring clean your finances

Spring clean your finances It’s Summer time, time for fresh beginnings, and the opportunity to spring clean.  However, instead of spring-cleaning your cupboards, how about spring-cleaning your finances? The first step in the Spring-cleaning process is to take stock of … read more