POPI Regulator Adv Pansy Tlakula

POPI Regulator?

For the longest time the POPI act has been lurking on the horizon and edging it’s way into our lives. Now after some…false starts the Presidency has announced the appointment of the  Information Regulator chair ( and some other members) as is set out inSection 39 of the Protection of Personal Information Act which came out in 2013 . The appointments fall in line with the recommendations of the National Assembly.

Chairperson/Regulator – Is there a Difference?

adv-pansy-tlakula-2Advocate Pansy Tlakula has now been confirmed as a full-time member and chair (which means she will basically be filling the role of Information Regulator). She previously has served as Chair of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). Adv Tlakula starts her new job as of the first of December 2016 and is expected to serve for at least the next five years.


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