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Debt Review School: PDA Statements Vs Credit Provider Statements

Are You Seeing A Difference Between Your Credit Provider Statement and the PDA Statement?


4 comments on “Debt Review School: PDA Statements Vs Credit Provider Statements

  1. I have been under debt review with the NDC and the NDA only to to find out the the took more money than the actually paid the creditors , what to do and who to report them to ? I made a loan at capitec bank, When things got bad i went to 3 difererent branches and spoke to 10 kr more poeple from capitec bank, This is the poroblem banks give credit easy without doing propper assesments,And when the consumer battles to pay the refuse to help, Were can you open a case agents capitec bank?

    • Remember: Debt COunsellors do not handle the money for consumers under debt review. A PDA does that. Thus a Debt COunsellor cannot “take” any money.
      However, Debt Counsellors and PDAs do get fees out of payments you make via the PDA (as they should). This can mean that the amount that ends up at the credit provider will be a few less rand than what you paid overall each month. This makes sense.
      If however, a huge amount of money has not been paid over then you may have a problem.

      Where did you get the info about the payments?

      Beware of collections agents giving misleading info as they chase a collections commission.

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