DCASA Annual General Meeting – Highlights

DCASA Annual General Meeting

The DCASA Annual General Meeting was held on the 14th of November 2017 at Kempton Park Golf Club.

Mr Paul Slot, the President of DCASA, opened the meeting by giving a brief industry update. (The full power point presentation is available on the DCASA website under the member section for DCASA members).

Mr Slot highlighted that the debt review process remains a huge success in recovering funds for credit providers while making things more manageable for consumers. During October 2017 R 920 million was paid via PDAs to Credit Providers. It is also true that South Africa’s debt review process has been recognised as a leading example worldwide.  He further noted that, compared to (a very slow) 2016, some actual progress was made in 2017 at the Credit Industry Forum (CIF) Sub Committees. He expressed hope and optimism that this would continue next year.

DCASA’s membership has also been growing on a monthly basis and DCASA remains the leading Association for Debt Counsellors in the Industry.


DCASA gave a big thank you to the University of Pretoria Law Clinic for their legal opinions and their support to the debt entire counselling industry. THanks were also expressed to all Credit Providers who made a difference in 2017, as well as all NCR registered PDA’s and the associated DC system providers. Mr Slot also thanked the National Executive Committee for 2017.


The re-election of DCASA’s National Executive Committee took place at the meeting. The new National Executive Committee (NEC) for 2018 has been nominated and accepted by:

• Paul Slot;

• Russell Dickerson;

• Eugene Cilliers;

• Gerhard Stoltz;

• Wendy Masegare;

• Alida Christie.

Changes for 2018

It was announced at the meeting that Mr Tony Richards will not be making himself available for nomination to the National Executive Committee for 2018 after 11 years of service. Tony was one of the first registered Debt Counsellors and the person who originally helped form DCASA in December 2006. He was the first DCASA President and members expressed a big thank you to him for sacrificing his time and knowledge over the last 11 years. Following Mr Richards announcement, Mr Slot also announced that he will not be standing for DCASA President for 2018. However, he will remain to serve DCASA on the National Executive Committee as the outgoing President for 2018. Paul will continue to represent DCASA at the Credit Industry Forum in 2018. Once again members expressed thanks to Paul for all his hard work, sacrificing of so much of his time and knowledge to DCASA for the past 11 years. The new NEC positions shall be announced early 2018.

DCASA express ongoing thanks to all their members who have made DCASA successful in representing the industry over the last few years.

For any further queries or more information about the DCASA AGM please contact Vanessa on 086 143 2272 / dcasa@dcasa.co.za.

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    • You can contact your Payment Distribution Agent eg. DC partner/Hyphen/NPDA who are handling your money(or the Debt Counsellor).
      Can i ask how you found out your funds have not been paid?
      Did your Debt Counsellor complain that they have not been paid (month 1) or did your attorney complain they have not been paid (month 2) or did some fool from a collections call centre maybe phone and lie to you because they don’t understand the process?

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