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Debtfree DIGI

Debtfree DIGI is a FREE monthly online magazine about the South African Debt Counselling Industry.


With any niche industry there is a need to keep the role players informed. However in the debt counselling industry not only do Creditors and Debt Counsellors need to be kept up to date but consumers too have a vitally important need to understand the process and changes in the industry.

Being a newer industry (since 2007) there are constant adjustments to procedures and processes. The requirements and industry norms are also in a state of flux. How could consumers know what was happening if their Debt Counsellor

didn’t inform them. Sadly most Debt Counsellors find that they are very occupied trying to save consumers assets and making arrangements for them that to then explain industry changes and procedures is just too time consuming.

Seeing this need Debtfree DIGI stepped into the vacuum and began to inform consumers.








What started out as a single page emailer to a handful of people under debt review in 2008 on a haphazard basis has grown into a fully fledged monthly online magazine.

From one page the emailer grew and grew until it became obvious that readers could not download such large files (PDF format)

With the help of technology the emailer became a page turning sensation in 2010

Here is the Cover of that historic issue:










Through the use of internet “magic” our readers could now flip pages as if reading a printed version of the magazine.

It felt more comfortable and familiar making it an instant hit with the readers who no longer had to wait for larger downloads.










 The Cover of the June 2010 issue celebrated 4 years of the debt review process.

The magazine looks at issues that are currently facing Debt Counsellors and consumers under debt review. Often featuring articles about different Courts throghout the country it helps prepare Debt Counsellors, Attorneys and consumers for what they will face in that particular Court.


What we would like to do for you:


If you are a Consumer:

Please feel free to subscribe to the magazine by sending us an email to magazine@debtfreedigi.co.za

We will then send you an email when the next issue comes out. You can then read the magazine online for FREE.


If you are a Debt Counsellor:

Debtfree DIGI offers a FREE service to Debt Counsellors whereby consumers who use your service (who consent) can be notified of the new issue when it comes out.

What this involves is a short (small) email to the consumer telling them that they can either read the magazine at www.debtfreedigi.co.za or on the website of those Debt Counsellors who have embedded the magzine on their own websites.

The magazine can thus be part of your “After Care” service . Email us at: magazine@debtfreedigi.co.za and we will set it up for you.