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NCR Conference: Highlights (Part 3)

NCR Conference 2017

The National Credit Regulator’s annual conference was held in Cape Town during December and this allowed the NCR and Credit Providers, as well as, the NCT to present to local Debt Counsellors and Credit Providers. The room was packed, as attention next turned to local Debt Counsellor and nationally known expert on the National Credit Act, Mr. Alan Manshon (the Money Clinic).

Alan discussed all the various ways debt review was done over the last 10 years. From the early misguided days, through the days of heavy legal conflict and terminations down to the present system of doing debt review.

‘Unlike many of the previous speakers he asked his audience to get involved and comment’

Unlike many of the previous speakers he asked his audience to get involved and comment. There were many laughs and some groans and forehead slapping as Alan took the audience through a decade of almost constant change. There was even a chance for local Debt Counsellor John Steyn to voice his concerns about a number of challenges currently facing the industry.

He ended his presentation by musing on the way ahead and thanked the NCR for all they and others like the various Debt Counselling Associations (and Debtfree Magazine) have done to help the industry and consumers under debt review. He was particularly thankful that an “everyday” type of Debt Counsellor was able to present and hoped that the NCR would allow this again at future conferences.

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Alan Manshon NCR Conference Presentation 2017



Check in on the site soon as we give the low down on the PDA presentation and the last few items during the NCR Conference 2017. We also will have a feature on the event in this months Debtfree Magazine.