What to look out for when you need a Consolidation Loan

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Consolidation Loans: The Quotation Debtfree asked Kim Armfield of Armfield & Associates & Libertine Consultants about what a consumers rights are when they go looking for a consolidation loan or in fact any type of credit.   Kim: We have come a long … read more

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The Black Debt Counsellor’s Forum extends  heartfelt condolences to the Madiba Family and the people of South Africa on the passing of our beloved Tata Nelson Mandela.                           … read more


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DEBTFREE COMPETITION: LEARN TO SURF Have you always wanted to be one of those cool surfers hitting the beach to catch a few waves? But what if you never gave it a shot? What if you never got around to trying to surf? Well, … read more

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Website under construction   In an effort to bring our readers even better and easier to access content we are making some changes to the website. We hope they don’t inconvenience you in any way. [Debtfree Team] read more