NCR Billboard Auction

NCR Billboard   Size counts when it comes to outdoor advertising. Recently the NCR have put up a large billboard, for the end of year festive season, which focuses in on spending wisely and borrowing wisely.   Here is the … read more

Repo Rate stays at 5%

Repo Rate unchanged 5% After 3 days of meetings the monetary policy committee have announced that the Repo Rate will stay at 5%. This means that the Prime Lending Rate (which is linked to the repo rate) will stay at 8.5%. Reserve Bank … read more

Reckless Credit Workshop today

Alan Manshon

Money Clinic Reckless Credit Workshop     The Money Clinic are holding their Reckless Credit Workshop today. We plan to attend and tweet a few pic’s and give some feedback. Reckless Credit is credit granted to consumers who cannot cover … read more