Consumer Friend Down As DReX Goes Up

DReX Going Live

Consumer Friend Logo smallOver the last few months, a buzz has been developing around Consumer Friend’s exciting information exchange software platform DReX (Debt Review Exchange). The system goes live at the start of October 2017.

The new system will allow Debt Counsellors to log in and draw consumer information themselves (and push information to Consumer Friend as well). Think of Self-Service CoBs or Client Account Statements. Pretty exciting stuff. Especially if you hate waiting on the phone to talk to someone for a long time. DReX will now remove the need for long painful waiting periods trying to get client account info.

As with any system, it has had to be tested for stability and Consumer Friend has been doing so with selected users over the last few weeks. Since the tests went well they are now launching the system and implementing it company wide.

Due to things now going live there is going to be a short interruption of usual services over the next few days.


Expect to only start getting previously CoBs (requests from last week) from Wednesday this week

Statements & Balances

Statements and balances that have been requested (last week) will only be available on Friday later this week.

Phone Calls

Due to the system change, Consumer Fiends usual phone lines will also be down till Friday this week.

Good things come to those who wait.

Please also check the Latest Debtfree Magazine Service Directory Section for the system Email address changes that will affect 17.1 delivery and Proposal submission as well as court application emails.





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