Consumer Friend Soon To Launch DReX

DRex Is Coming

Credit Provider Debt Review Provider Consumer Friend have been internally using the new Debt Review Exchange system. The System is known as DReX. They have also been running tests on the system with several users to ensure everything is running smoothly.

They want to invite as many Debt Counsellors to register and make use of the system. Registration is important in view of the sensitive information that can be accessed such as consumer balances and statements. The system can also be used to draw paid up letters and keeps a handy record of all email correspondence regarding a consumer’s account.

Justin Van Der Linde of Consumer Friend says that Debt Counsellors will benefit greatly, since using the system will mean no more waiting on the phone or waiting on emails for several days for info or replies. They will be able to access the information themselves straight away.

If you are a NCR Registered Debt Counsellor you can sign up here:




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