The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA) is being held today at the Kempton Park Golf Club. AGMs give associations the chance to attend to some critical business, like updating DCASA members on the association’s banking and accounts, as well as, giving members the chance to vote for the National Executive Committee (NEC) – who help organize the day to day of the association. Serving on the NEC is on a voluntary basis and requires that those willing spend non-reimbursed time to help drive association matters. The NEC has remained pretty stable over the last few years with a core of willing members who have helped steer the association.

The AGM is also an opportunity to hear the President of the association (Mr Paul Slot again this year) give a report on what the association has achieved during the last year and where the industry finds itself. No doubt the recent movement from the NCR regarding the DC fee structure will be discussed in some detail. Then there is also the chance to look forward to 2018 and possible goals that need to be focused on. There are also some, as yet, undisclosed changes to the constitution of the association which have been proposed and will be voted on, as well as, the possible appointment of an auditor for the association.

Full members have voting rights at the AGM and can also send votes by proxy (on forms distributed by DCASA prior to the meeting today).

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