DCASA To Host New Webinar

DCASA Members Webinar On Joint Bonds

The Debt Counsellors Association Of South Africa (DCASA) offers ongoing training to members. Recently this has been offered via online webinars on various topics. DCASA have announced that they will be hosting a webinar on the topic of joint bonds (which can be tricky when dealing with debt review) on October 13th at 10 am.

Members can sign up and attend (limited spots) here:


The topic has been discussed with mixed results for a number of years, as different credit providers have different strategies on how they would like to see these matters handled. Obviously, it would be best to have a standard operating procedure which covers the situation on how to deal with a bond that is shared between a consumer under debt review and a consumer who is not under debt review. Recently the topic was discussed with mixed resolution at the Credit Industry Forum (an NCR lead meeting of various credit provider and Debt Counsellor organisations). The Webinar also promises to feature feedback from that meeting.


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