DCASA’s Presentation at Parliament (Re: Debt Intervention)

DCASA’s Presentation on the Draft NCA Amendment Bill

The Portfolio Committee on Trade & Industry has made public the presentations which were given them, relating to the oral comments at Parliament over the last 2 days. They have been holding public discussions into their draft NCA amendment Bill.

‘the Bill is unlikely to provide the intended relief’

DCASA have stated that they support the idea of  Debt Intervention for low income consumers but they feel that as the Bill stands, at present, is unlikely to provide the intended relief. They outline their reasons why they say that in their presentation. They feel that with some adjusting and help from Debt Counsellors and adjustments to the powers allowed the NCR in other portions of the ACT it may be possible to assist some consumers with Debt Intervention.

Download the DCASA Comments

DCASA Comments Debt Intervention.pptx

DCASA_Draft National Credit Amendment Bill 2017 – Comments by DCASA Fina…



More comments will be made on Friday.


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