Debtfree DIGI August- Editor’s Note

Hula hoop

Do you remember the Hula Hoop or YoYo crazes of your youth? Well, the world has once again been taken a storm by yet another craze, namely Pokemon GO. It is a game played on mobile phones which has hundreds of thousands of people walking around looking for small digital creatures to add to their collection. While simple in it’s concept, it harks back to many now adults childhood obsession with the Pokemon cartoon, card game or computer games. The game provides a constant stream of easily achievable objectives and satisfaction comes from collecting the small digital creatures. It is now the world’s most downloaded mobile game. You will note the reference to it in our cover this month. If only paying off debt became a craze!

With all the challenges we face in day to day life it is great to look for distractions and the feeling of your mobile phone giving you a sense of accomplishment is not to be dismissed. So often we have to slave for days, months, even years to try achieve worthwhile goals. This is something that has fallen away as a core value in society today. We all have come to like instant gratification. Who likes to save when you can buy on credit for example?

This is one of the reasons why taking on debt is so easy, while paying it off is so arduous. Paying off our debt (even through debt review) takes time. And every day during all that time, marketing firms are using advertising to make us feel like we desperately need new gadgets, new products and need to spend to be happy. It is hard to break this mind set. Many who make a plan to pay off their debt find they falter after a while and can’t follow through on their good intentions. Of course, when it comes to debt this leave them in very serious trouble. What we all need to do (consumers and counsellors) is set easily achievable goals for ourselves. Each time we are able to save more, spend less, take a small step to freedom and make progress this is a victory.  Reward yourself. It trains our minds that we can and will succeed over time.

Remember that debts can be beaten. So, identify those debts, make a plan to pay them off, find ways to save each month. Give yourself rewards, stick with your plan and soon you will be debt free.



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