Debtfree Magazine August 2017 – Editor’s Note

Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note

When you hear how much professional fighters get paid you may wonder if you would be prepared to let someone punch you in the face, for half an hour, in order to earn a few million dollars. That kind of cash sure would end your debt issues…but then again think of all the medical bills. Ouch! No, that sort of dreaming is probably just that: a dream.

Those professionals spend hours every day trying to get their bodies in tiptop shape. No naughty carbs for them. They need to stay ripped. Their life is one of strict diet and endless exercise. No doubt, from time to time, you too have thought how you might shed a few Kgs and finally get in shape. This month we consider some of the striking similarities between dieting and debt review.

The Debtfree team help a lot with the annual Debt Review Awards process. This month sees the beginning of the review portion of the Awards. Each year after the event (while things are still fresh in mind), we ask the community for suggestions on how to improve the process. This year we want to try get input from as many people as possible, the public, industry role players, industry groups and more. Already we have had some great ideas we are looking to implement. You can follow the links in the article in this month’s magazine to take part in a questionnaire (one of several) and can click and send suggestions to help refine the process.

Not only do we want to see the Debt Review Awards process refined but we also like to make things better for our readers. For the last couple of weeks the design team has been busy with some coming improvements to the magazine and our website. We are confident they will make it even easier to get your daily dose of industry news and to read the magazine. We hope it’s a knockout (technical or otherwise).

‘If you are under debt review, however, you cannot afford to get distracted’

So, with floods in the US and Drought in the Cape and a bunch of socio-political challenges in between, August has been a busy month. No wonder people world wide need some sort of sporting distraction from their problems. If you are under debt review however you cannot afford to get distracted. Stay focused. Prepare now for December and Jan. Bob and weave your way to beating down your debt. Throw that knockout punch and wipe the floor with your debt. Stick to your financial diet plan, get ripped and soon you will be debt free.

This article from the August 2017 issue of Debtfree. Subscribers get a first read.

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