Debtfree Magazine September – Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

It has been a stormy few weeks for the world. America has been hit by multiple hurricanes including the largest storm ever recorded. Millions of people have been displaced and many have lost homes, businesses and more. Puerto Rico has had its electrical grid destroyed by the storm that hit there and they say it could be years before they restore electricity across the country. Elsewhere volcanoes are doing their thing and locally a storm of strike action and civil unrest has swept the nation.


In the midst of all the drama, the debt review industry has faced something of a storm itself. The National Credit Regulator has made a proposal in regard to how they would like to potentially see consumers pay for debt review in the future. We take a look at this in both a general and close up manner this issue. We also consider what it is that consumers are paying for when they pay their monthly aftercare fees to Debt Counsellors and we look ahead to what will be best for the industry as a whole.

We have lots of credit related news and also reviews of recent industry events. We feature some good advice in our Debt Review School and hope you enjoy the new Questions from Readers section. If you have questions for future issues send them through to us on

You may feel that debt was a storm that swept through your life leaving nothing but despair and desolation in its wake. Perhaps the first few weeks of debt review were something like the proverbial calm in the eye of the storm before the routine of repaying debt swept you once again into the day to day of debt repayments (admittedly much more manageable ones). If so, consider this simple fact: today you are one step closer to paying off all your debt. You are probably closer now than ever before. Don’t let December or January derail your plans. Many consumers fall out of the process during these months ahead so, be smart, keep up your payments and soon, after the storm has passed, you will still be standing and be debt free.




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