Editor’s Note April 2017

Our Editor’s Note

April is normally a relaxing month. It is all these public holidays which create short weeks and many take time off to relax and recuperate. Business owners normally find this time of the year less restful as they deal with staff challenges and interestingly credit providers also struggle to make collections on their debt around this time of year as consumers make poor decisions and prioritise fun over their obligations.

‘April is normally a relaxing month’

This issue we talk about making poor choices about debt and in particular a poor choice that some under debt review sometimes make without thinking things through. We also have advice on shopping, good news for parents with kids who love computer games, lots of news about some pretty big things going on in the industry and a letter from a reader about a hot topic.

We also catch up on the latest to do with the Debt Review Awards this year. This awards process recognizes excellence in the debt review industry and an industry-wide peer review is underway which leads to the Debt Review Awards evening gala (in JHB this year) in June.

‘Some consumers have been negatively affected because they do not take note of the messages on their PDA statements’

We also recap a warning message about your debt review payments. Some consumers have been negatively affected because they do not take note of the messages on their PDA statements. Be sure to check it out to avoid any future problems.

If you have been dealing with debt for a long time then the urge to just let go and have a little fun is strong but as we discussed in the March issue, you do not need to spend money to have fun. These public holidays should be about sleeping late, spending time with family and friends and changing up your routine. If you stick to your debt repayment plan then soon you might change the routine of paying off debt for a new one of starting to create wealth.

But don’t relax just yet. First, you need to get debt free.


Debtfree Magazine Cover April 2017-small[This article is taken from the April 2017 issue of Debtfree Magazine]

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