Free Credit Bureau Reports (in the mall)

Get Your Free Credit Bureau Report at the Greenstone Mall (East JHB)

Greenstone mallTransUnion, XDS, Compuscan and CPB ( all of whom are SA credit bureaus) are busy handing out free credit bureau reports to consumers visiting the Greenstone Mall in East JHB during 20 – 26 October 2015 in an effort to show consumers how important knowing your credit score (and what info is showing on your report) is. They are also explaining the various aspects of credit bureau reports to consumers (and handing out some freebies too).


NCR Logo

The initiative by these companies and the Credit Ombud is in conjunction with the National Credit Regulator and the Credit Bureau Association. At present there are 13 different credit bureaus in South Africa. Each Bureau reports every 3 months to the NCR about the statistics they are recording. Under SA law it is also a requirement that consumers be given free access to their report at least once a year so that they can check to see what is showing.

credit-ombudThis is, in part, so that consumers can see if a negative listing exists that they don’t know about. Checking your credit bureau report regularly can also help prevent the fall out that could arise due to identity fraud as fraudulently opened accounts will show on your credit bureau report. So if you see any accounts you don’t think should be there you should immediately take action and contact the credit provider involved and notify them. Don’t just ignore it. You do not want to end up liable for accounts someone else opened in your name.

Want One?

Consumers at the mall can get the report at no charge. You might also win one of the many mall shopping vouchers they are giving away. Head over to the Sketchers Exhibition Space, on the first floor, to get your report.



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