Hyphen PDA Win Big At Debt Review Awards 2017

Hyphen PDA Take Home 4 Awards

Hyphen PDA is one of the NCR registered companies that are allowed to handle funds for consumers under debt review.  Debt Counsellors never handle money for consumers in the process. Consumers are able under the National Credit Act to handle debt repayments themselves though most Debt Counsellors advise against it. While under debt review most consumers make use of the services of a PDA to help them pay the right amount, on the right day, to the right credit provider account. Making such payments over several years without any slip ups and keeping excellent records of such payments is normally beyond most consumers (especially at first).  The NCR has only registered 3 companies to handle payments thus far since the requirements for registration are very strict.

New Categories of Awards

Debt Review Awards 2017 logoIn 2017 there was a slight adjustment to the Awards for Payment Distribution Agencies (PDAs). While in the past the results of the industry-wide peer review of both credit providers and Debt COpunsellors hade been combined to produce a single set of results, this year the results were left separate and the Awards reflected that. There were two awards in the Debt Counsellor Review and two awards based on the Credit Provider Peer Review. Namely:

  • Payment Distribution (as reviewed by Credit Providers)
  • Customer Service (as reviewed by Credit Providers)
  • Payment Distribution (as reviewed by Debt Counsellors)
  • Customer Service (as reviewed by Debt Counsellors)


Debt Counsellor Results

Over the last several months, Debt Counsellors have been asked to review the service and payment accuracy of the PDAs they use (most Debt Counsellors use one).  The results of each PDA’s clients were then compared with each other (based on percentage and not numbers since each PDA has a different amount of clients). It seems that Debt Counsellors using Hyphen PDA have a higher level of satisfaction in regard to customer service than the other two PDAs. Debt Counsellors make use of PDA software to help them draft documents, make proposals to credit providers and to create repayment plans. Though Debt Counsellors were able to comment on this in the peer review this year, there was no Award in the former software category. This was partially due to the difficulty in comparing software from different PDAs but also to allow for the expanded DC/CP split in Awards in this category this year.

Credit Provider Results

Credit providers too, interact with PDAs on a daily basis. They are more focused on payment accuracy and ease of tracking transactions than on software or the ability of the PDA to simplify reporting to the NCR or drafting documents via their computer software. They also have queries and need to interact with PDA staff and so the awards this year as reviewed by Credit Providers were for Payment Distribution and Customer Service.

‘Hyphen PDA took all 4 awards this year in all the categories’


Hyphen PDA

Hyphen PDA took all 4 awards this year in all the categories. Mr Chris van der Straaten of Hyphen PDA (who was one of the speakers at the Awards Gala) accepted on behalf of Hyphen PDA.



Congratulation Hyphen PDA.


Debt Review Awards 2017 logo




[more about the Debt Counsellor categories tomorrow]






8 comments on “Hyphen PDA Win Big At Debt Review Awards 2017

    • Hi Bronwyn,
      Do you mean creditors are debiting you despite your debt review or..that you have finished debt review and you have a debit towards your debt repayments via your PDA and want to stop it?

  1. My bank keeps on sending me messages that I’m in arrears regarding my loan I’m under debt rewiew without you guys

  2. why dont you remove a customer from your data base or your systems when they cancel and requests they send paid up letters before they do because they dont owe you and worse part is you do not educate the customers before they sign up now i am stuck i cant do anything no debt of mine reflects it is you blocking me to apply for credit. i dont owe you please remove me from your systems I DO NOT OWE YOU GUYS

    • Remember that Hyphen PDA only handle payments form consumers and are not responsible for any listings of consumers. That is done on credit bureaus. You may need to talk to a Debt Counsellor or the NCR if you are listed as being under debt review (or some other listing). Remember if you were under debt review and did not finish the process then the listing may remain in place unless the NCR decide to help you remove it or unless you resume and complete paying off your debts.

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