MR Price Debt Review’s New Home

Consumer Friend Take Over Handling Mr Price Debt Review

Consumer Friend is a company which specialises in assisting credit providers in handling their debt review obligations. This award-winning company is now taking on another large credit provider client as of 12th February 2018, namely Mr Price.

The Mr Price Group are transferring all their older matters for debt review over to Consumer Friend as well and the PDAs will be making changes to the banking payment details for these accounts.

If your clients do not make use of a PDA (not all consumers do even though the NCR recommend doing so) then you should inform them of the change and get the correct new banking details to them asap. Payments made to old or incorrect accounts may not immediately reflect and could cause accounting difficulties down the line. Consumers making payments on their own need to keep meticulous records and update their Debt Counsellor each month after payments are made and compare the payments with statements which they draw from their credit providers.


The Debt Review Exchange

Consumer Friend makes use of the DReX portal where Debt Counsellors can log in and look at balances, statements and documents relating to a client’s accounts. This incredibly helpful system makes it possible for Debt Counsellors to get clients information that they need and to draw information needed for court matters and accounting reconciliations. Consumer Friend have informed Debt Counsellors that at first, the new client’s documentation will not be available, for a while and that balances shown (which may reflect on their system as ‘COBs’) will be from the date of the takeover and not inception of the debt review – for older matters. Debt Counsellors should keep this in mind to avoid any possible confusion.


Justin Van Der Linde, at Consumer Friend, says the team are all very excited to be working with Mr Price group and will bring their usual high level of delivery to Debt Counsellors for this client. He says that Debt Counsellors are in an important way also their clients and they concentrate on supplying both sides of the equation with excellent service. If you have any questions regarding a Mr Price debt review matter then you can contact Consumer Friend on:

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2 comments on “MR Price Debt Review’s New Home

  1. I need a paid up letter for my Mr price account, I have email and phone calls with no response. Kindly assist

    • Perhaps (if you are under debt review) you can contact Consumer Friend (they have a website). They may be able to assist you. Alternatively, you can ask your debt counsellor. If you are not under debt review then head into a branch and talk to the people there directly.

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