Pawn Your Car & Drive It Schemes Under Pressure From NCR

Pawn Your Car Schemes In The NCR’s Crosshairs

Google pawn your car and you will quickly find many adverts for several service providers who are seemingly breaking the law. This appears to be the case, following a legal battle in May 2017 between the NCR and Allied Capital in regard to their pawn but still drive your car scheme.

Court gavel 2In that case, the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) ruled against Allied Capital and ordered them to give everyone their money back (and their cars back). They held that these deals are actually just loans and thus need to be dealt with according to the rules of the National Credit Act.

Since so many consumers have been involved over the years, this will take some time and naturally will spell the end of the brand. Overnight the adverts for Allied Capital all received new stickers over the branding leaving the old wording of their adverts the same but promoting a new brand/logo. |

car symbolNow the NCR has moved on to Sun Finance South Africa (who run sites like and are taking them to the National Consumer Tribunal in regard to the same matter. This is the next in a series of investigations that the NCR is running in regard to pawn brokers.






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    • Ahh, then you need to talk to a Debt Counsellor as soon as possible. Please check the service directory listing section of Debtfree magazine or the NCR databsae on their website for a list of Debt Counsellors in your area.

  1. Very interesting to see NCR involved in this scam. Being the victim, please assist with advises as to how to claim my vehicle back from Sun Finance.

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