Why We Shop

Just as sports people get a high from running and exercise our brains also reward us with happy chemicals when we shop. We buy stuff and we feel happy. This can lead to buying things for that happy feeling even when we don’t have cash and need to turn to credit to make a purchase.

People also buy to acquire things others don’t have. This also applies to limited edition or brand new items. Simply put, it makes us feel special. Your mommy told you , you were special didn’t she?

We also like to spend money to save money. Sometimes, of course, this is a ploy of the marketing gurus to get us to simply spend more at one time with them as opposed to another firm. This leads to us adding the fries and cooldrink to that burger even though we were not that thirsty, simply because we can somehow “save”.

The worst kind of shopping is shopping because we are bored. We live in a generation of people who go to the mall to ‘hang out’. Hanging out often leads to shopping, which leads to spending. Beware.

A recent study showed that men were more convinced that if a price was written in RED (as opposed to black) the retailer was offering a bigger saving. Interestingly women in the same study were a bit more wise when it comes to processing information in a retail setting. In fact RED numbering made women suspicious. They actually became more skeptical about the product on offer.

Women had better recall of prices shown in adverts as well. It seems men just don’t care or just are not as good at remembering.

The study showed that if you are in a bad mood you are less likely to buy from a happy sales person. Angry people want to be left alone at a shop so they can shop in peace. Interestingly this may mean that shoppers will buy less in a happy and festively decorated shop with holiday tunes playing during the build up to end of year holidays (since they are stressed and just want to be left alone in quiet).






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