Standard Bank Debt Review Department apologize for delays in Query and Complaint Resolution for February 2012

Standard Bank have issued this statement regarding delays in responses regarding debt review and complaints related to debt review:


We have, in the recent weeks, experienced a high influx of queries and complaints which have adversely impacted our turnaround-time. As a result, our queries and complaints are not being resolved within the stipulated turnaround time of five business days.
We apologize for the inconvenience that this is causing. We assure you that all the matters are being given the attention they deserve. We encourage you to continue to make use of our Query/Complaint logging channels the details of which are as follows: to be used for queries ONLY to be used for complaints ONLY
Our escalation channel is as follows: for FIRST LEVEL escalations for SECOND LEVEL escalations for FINAL escalations

20 comments on “Standard Bank Debt Review Department apologize for delays in Query and Complaint Resolution for February 2012

  1. i would like an consultant to contact me in regards to debit review how can it be removed so that i may get loan to pay my debits in one goal

  2. Hi, i’m currently indebt with total instalments higher than my salary. i’m currently at credit bureau as a bad payer which will b on the system for the next coming 13months. please could you help to be financially stable again without affecting my future.

    • Hi Oscar. Your situation is dire. It is correct that the bureaus list you as a poor payer since you no doubt are having a lot of trouble paying everyone. At present your situation is very grim and soon your creditors will begin taking portions of your salary and try to take your assets etc. Unfortunately this may mean that for the next 30 years the banks will have judgements against you. Fortunately you do have several options depending on the details of your debt.
      One option is sequestration which involves giving up all your assets before the bank comes and takes them. Another option is Debt review. Debt review will hopefully allow you to repay your current debts over 5 – 7 years instead of a shorter time period.
      I would suggest that you talk to a debt counsellor as a first step along the road to recovery. However i must warn you that if your income vs expenditure situation is as you say so bad you are going to have to live without credit for several years and focus all your energy on getting debt free for at least 5 years.

  3. me and my wife we are paying about 15000 a month on debt so we wanted to consolidate or take a secont bond so that we can pay only one account of about7000 we coud nt succed they say our bond is still new we have to wait until the bond is one year ald

    • So here is some general advice to consider:

      You probably don’t qualify for another loan (which is all the banks so called” consolidation” loans are at the moment.
      Maybe you should consider selling the house (which i doubt you want to do so soon) or reducing expenses as much as you can (which i hope you already have done…but be super strict).
      Consult a DC to have them work out a budget with you which may help. Sometimes an outside opinion is very helpful.
      Contact all your other creditors and ask for reductions on payments.

      If all that fails consult a DC regarding Debt Counselling as you seem to need help. Rather Act now before things get out of control.

  4. Please help me to get my money to pay and have food in home cause i dont have electricity because i am have to wait for 7 days working days and i am staving

    • Obviously you are in a tight spot.
      For the moment you should consider selling items you have at home to get some food.
      Next you must go talk to a Debt Counsellor to find out how to get control of your finances.

      You can find Debt Counsellors in our service directory section in the magazine.

  5. I have been on debt review ( 2012 ) , I then received a 17.4 form but not signed at all , I now need finance , the banks still insists that iam not yet out , so how best can I be assisted , who else can help me out ?

    • You should contact your former Debt Counsellor (maybe go in to their office) and simply ask them to sign the form. Then send it to the bank and they can follow up. You will also need the DC to update the NCR’s datatbase program (debthelp) which updates the credit Bureaus.

  6. Hi, I was under debt review and paid my last Standard Bank account in December 2013, unfortunately my email account got wiped and I lost the Paid-Up letter, yet now after more than a week of phoning the Lawyer firm and sending emails to the standard bank email address the lawyers used I have still not been able to get hold of a copy of the paid up letter. This is pretty annoying as Standard Bank is pretty quick to give your name over to an lawyer but pathetic when it comes to customer service. I want to apply for Credit Amnesty as I have paid each and every debtor but with this one Paid Up letter outstanding TransUnion said they cannot assist me. I would like a Standard Bank Consultant with the Personal Loans Dept, to contact me as soon as possible so this matter can be resolved.

    • Keep trying you will get there eventually.
      Another option might be to lodge a formal complaint with Std Band directly (or transunion) to see how they respond.

  7. Hi There I just want to know what will happen to me if I pa my instalment by my self, my story is I am under debt review and they don’t do the job correctly I was almost lost my house because of them not paying on time but deducting money every month, now I am paying my bond on my own I only have standard bank which I have to pay via them and I am scared that maybe they can do the same so I need to pay myself am I getting myself into trouble please help

    • You have the right to pay yourself (as per the National Credit Amendment Act).
      Talk to your debt counsellor though so that they know.
      One mistake you might make is not pay your debt counsellor each month which can cause huge problems. Normally this happens straight from your PDA payment.

      Always tell your DC everything.
      Always call them first before changing anything!

  8. Hi, I was a co-owner to a property that was sold first week in November. Went to Deeds office and monies of outstanding baklance were paid by lawyers. It is now more than a month and it still reflect on my credit report. My ex husband did not pay for 5 months before the selling of house went through. He did not inform me and I saw my credit score go down dramaticaly. When I noticed this the documents were already at deeds office. I was told that outstanding balamce will be paid. When will Standard bank update ITC that homeloan is paid up. Amd for how long will the arears amount reflect on my credit report? Thnx

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