Technical Challenges at Standard Bank Debt Review Today

Technical Glitch At Standard Bank Debt Review To Soon Be Sorted

computer glitchStandard Bank experienced some unfortunate technical issues at the Debt Review Department today and were having a difficult time in replying to emails, processing applications and communicating. They were not ignoring you and they have not taken a long weekend.


Earlier Standard Bank Debt Review Department sent out the following message:

StandardBank logo“Good Day,

Please be advised that we are experiencing technical difficulties affecting all our systems. Please expect a delayed response to all requests.”


Back Online ASAP

Standard Bank said that they were working to correct the situation and they apologised  “for any inconvenience caused“.  Fortunately, many companies had taken this Friday off to create a long weekend for their staff and thus volumes of new work coming in today were somewhat less than normal.

Back Up and Running

Standard Bank Debt Review were happy that they were able to resolve the issues by midday and they report that they were able to restore normal service after lunch time.


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