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NCR Workshop Success

The Best NCR Workshop Ever?

workshop conferenceThis month saw the National Credit Regulator (NCR) hold a regional workshop with Debt Counsellors and credit providers in Cape Town. The workshop was well attended and attendees say it was one of the best they have ever attended.

When the guests first arrived there was some concern that things may become strained during the workshop as they had the previous year when the Cape Law Society had become overly aggressive and things had devolved into a bit of a shouting match.

This year there were no such shenanigans as the presenters and audience engaged in constructive conversation and discussion of a variety of subjects. There were various presentation by not only Kedilatile Legodi and Peter Michaels of the NCR but also from the National Consumer Tribunal as well.

We will have a brief look at some of the topics covered over the next few days here on the website and pick out some of the highlights for our readers. A number of very important topics were covered which will impact on both consumers under debt review as well as Debt Counsellors and credit providers.

let’s bring counselling back into Debt Counselling”

NCR Kedi SpeechMs Legodi stressed the need for Debt Counsellors and the industry as a whole to bring the “counselling back into Debt Counselling”. This tied in well with discussions surrounding the true role of Alternative Dispute Resolution Agents and Debt Counselling marketing methods.

One attendee stated that the NCR presented themselves in an “open and vulnerable manner” which they felt engendered a good response from the audience rather than being dictatorial and demanding. All in all, it was undoubtedly one of the most constructive NCR conferences the Debtfree team has attended in recent years.





NCR Workshop In Cape Town

NCR Workshop This Friday The National Credit Regulator recently rescheduled their Cape Town Workshop (originally planned for Feb) for this week Friday. Attendance is by RSVP only and invitations are extended to local Debt Counsellors and Credit Providers as the event is … read more