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Consumer Friend New Contact Info

Consumer Friend New Email Addresses

Consumer Friend Logo smallIt has been a busy week or two for Consumer Friend as they launch their DReX system and have had to deal with storms in Durban which closed their offices (temporarily). Fortunately, the storm passed and DReX is reportedly up and going strong.

The online portal for Debt Counsellors (who have registered) opens on the first of November. Debt Counsellors will be able to draw debt review related info on client accounts and push info to Consumer Friend via the portal eliminating any need for long phone calls waiting for information.

Important Email Address Changes

With the launch of the new system, some important email addresses have changed and Debt Counsellors need to be aware of the changes. Some of the changes are very subtle. An added S at the end of an old familiar address for example. The Various PDA systems have updated these email addresses on their systems but for those Debt Counsellors wanting to email direct they should take note of the following changes:



17.1‘s , 17 .2’s, 17.3’s / General Correspondence / COB’S Not Received
 Email: applications@consumerfriend.co.za

Notice of Rejections / Cancellations / Voluntary Withdrawals ( 17 .W’s )
 Email: applications@consumerfriend.co.za

Change or Transfer of Debt Counsellor
 Email: applications@consumerfriend.co.za

Proposals / Revised Proposals / Consents / Related Queries
 Email: proposals@consumerfriend.co.za

Notice of Service / Court Applications
 Email: courts@consumerfriend.co.za

Updated Balances / Settlements / General Queries
 Email: customeraccounts@consumerfriend.co.za

Terminations: Section 86(10) Letters and All Related Queries
 Email: customeraccounts@consumerfriend.co.za

Complaints / Service Delivery / Management
 Email: complaints@consumerfriend.co.za

Want to give them a call?

Consumer Friend can still be reached on the phone. You just need to call: Ph. 031 251 4151.

Should you need to fax them you can send that through to: Fax: 086 501 2521

If you need to send them post you can send it to: PO BOX 1026, Durban, 4000


Check the Service Directory Section of each issue of Debtfree magazine for the latest contact info on many credit providers and Debt Counsellors.