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DC Partner PDA Introduce New Support Desk

DC Partner Support Desk & Webinars

Payment Distribution Agencies or PDAs are part of the National Credit Act. These companies who are regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) help consumers distribute funds to their credit providers each month in accord with the agreed repayment plan or court order.

PDAs also help Debt Counsellors with software to manage their businesses and clients as well as calculate the best way to repay debts. One of the four NCR registered PDAs, DC Partner have now introduced additional support and training to Debt Counsellors and their staff who work on their system.

DC Partner has set up a support desk specifically for Debt Counsellors (or their staff) to provide web based training via Skype. This allows the PDA to reach their many clients online swiftly and provide country wide training on an ongoing basis.


NCR Registered PDAs

NCR Registered Payment Distribution Agencies The National Credit Regulator registers and monitors industry role players such as credit providers, Debt Counsellors, Credit Bureaus, Alternative Dispute Resolution Agents and Payment Distribution Agents (PDAs). Payment Distribution Agents receive money from consumers (normally … read more