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NCR Explain Debt Counselling

NCR Information About Debt Counselling

Curious how the NCR explain debt counselling to consumers? Many consumers are interested in the process but are unsure how it works.

Below, you will find a helpful info sheet setting out information the NCR share with consumers about the debt review process. They answer questions like: What is Debt Counselling? What is over-indebtedness? Who can apply? Who does debt review and are there fees? They also talk about consumer rights and responsibilities.

Standard Bank’s Presentation at Parliament (Re: Debt Intervention)

Standard Bank’s Presentation on the Draft NCA Amendment Bill Standard Bank joined a number of other interested parties in making a public presentation about the Portfolio Committee on Trade & Industry’s proposed changes to the National Credit Act, this month. … read more

NDCA’s Presentation at Parliament (Re: Debt Intervention)

NDCA’s Presentation on the Draft NCA Amendment Bill The Portfolio Committee on Trade & Industry has been hearing public comments and presentations on their draft amendments to the National Credit Act. An association of the large Debt Counselling firms in South … read more