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NCR Quarterly Reports Due (15 Nov)

NCR Quarterly Reports Can Now Be Sent

NCR logoDebt Counsellors report to the NCR about their clients and progress on their cases every 3 months. This helps the NCR double check and add figures to the reports they can draw from their online NCRDebtHelp system (which Debt Counsellors update continually). Around 15 000 people apply for debt review every month and it is expected then that the NCR will receive info about the approximately 45 000 new consumers (like what they earn and if their matter has gone to court yet) in the reports along with ongoing information on the other hundreds of thousands of consumers already in the process.

3rd Quarter 2017

The latest quarter was from 1st of July till the end of September 2017. Now that September has past Debt Counsellors have a few weeks (until the 15th of November) to submit their reports.

The NCR encourage Debt Counsellors not to wait until the deadline to submit their reports and to hand them in as soon as possible.

Completed reports are sent to dcreturns@ncr.org.za