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Debt Review Awards 2017 Approaches in June

The Annual Debt Review Awards in June 2017

The Debt Review Awards are currently underway and about to come to a close at the end of May 2017. All the winners and top performing companies will be announced at the Annual Debt Review Awards Gala which will be held in Johannesburg, on the 10th of June, this year.


Red carpet webThe modest red carpet event sees some of the top Debt Counselling firms and Associations along with members of the DTI, NCR and NCT get together to celebrate debt review successes. They will gather alongside members of the MFSA, BASA and other large Credit Provider, as well as, leading trainers, attorneys, and the 3 NCR registered PDAs. The evening is the “Oscars” of debt review and members of the media are invited to attend and report on some of the success stories reported at the event. Though modest, as is fitting with the industry of helping those in financial stress, everyone gets dressed up and enjoys the chance to focus on all that is going well with the industry rather than the usual haggling over minor process hiccups etc.

‘ the information is progressively compiled to present a holistic view of how the industry sees the performance of the banks’

Peer Review

Peer review whiteboardOver the last half a year, preparation work has been underway as an industry-wide peer review process – with agreed criteria* (the same this year as last) is used by those within the industry to help review the performance of those on the other end of the industry. For example, Debt Counsellors take the time to review how the various bank’s debt review departments have been performing and visa versa. As various Debt Counsellors add their review the information is progressively compiled to present a holistic view of how the industry sees the performance of the banks.

ZK Peer Review explainThe results are announced on the night of the Gala and winners go home with a Golden Piggy Bank. the piggy bank is the international symbol of saving and this is what the debt review industry is doing. Not only saving consumers money but also lives. Those who enter debt review normally do so under great strain from the collections process and find relief under debt review. By sticking to the restructuring court orders consumers often save thousands of Rands in fees and charges due to kind concessions from cooperative credit providers.

register-nowThe process is open to all who are registered with the NCR (they have a database). Those who sign up in the peer review are eligible to be a winner in the process.

Debt Review Awards 2017 logo




*Criteria can be found on www.debtreviewawards.co.za