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NCR Debt Counsellor search…chaos

NCR Database problems continue The National Credit regulator ( NCR ) have a list of Debt Counsellors which consumers and creditors can search through for contact details. Debt Counsellors are listed on the site using a reference starting with NCRDC … read more

NCR “Blitzkrieg” hits KZN

NCR and cops clamp down on credit providers’ illegal collection tactics In a joint operation in Nqutu district, rural KwaZulu-Natal, the National Credit Regulator ( NCR ), South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) and the South African Police Service (SAPS) … read more

Ask for a Quote- NCR

NCR The National Credit Regulator ( NCR ) advise consumers to get savvy and that they should ask creditors for a detailed quotation before accepting credit. Further they recommend thinking about the offer rather than just signing it automatically. The … read more