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Ask Your PDA for Print Copies of Debtfree Magazine

Get Print Copies of Debtfree Magazine

Debtfree Magazine webEvery now and then Debtfree magazine comes out in print. This enables Debt Counsellors to take copies of the magazine into their communities and promote debt review as well as their own services. If you are a Debt Counsellor and would like to get a few copies of the magazine then you should let your Payment Distribution Agency know and they will arrange to get you some. The Debtfree team work closely with the 3 NCR registered PDAs to assist Debt Counsellors in spreading the debt review message.

The latest Print issue helps to detail how debt review works and the benefits consumers get by using the process

Not a DC?

While this provision of getting some print copies is only for Debt Counsellors, consumers can access the magazine each month, at no charge, online right here on www.debtfreedigi.co.za