Trapped in Time Share?

Want To Complain About Time Share?

hearing at parliamentThe National Consumer Commission (NCC) are holding public hearings into the time share industry this week in Cape Town (Today till Thursday).

Countless consumers complain that they are trapped into contracts with timeshare companies who have sold them deals they no longer wish to use or find they get no value out of. Recently the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud (CGSO) say they have seen a spike in complaints lodged by vacation owners about the service they get and the terms of their contracts. As a result,the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud are joining the NCC at the hearings this week.

The NCC have called on the public to come to the venue, at the Cape Town Lodge (101 Buitengracht st, Cape Town) between 10am and 5pm each day. They would like to hear directly from the public about their experiences.

‘They would like to hear directly from the public about their experiences’

complainThe majority of complaints lodged by consumers relate to problems trying to cancel contracts and unfair terms and conditions that may not have been disclosed upfront.

Many consumers who at one time could afford the offering, later find they are no longer in a position to pay the required annual fees but are unable to cancel. This then leads to a situation where they are not able to use the contract and are penalised but unable to get out of the contract since they are in arrears.

The CGSO ombud, Ms Magauta Mphahlele, says she would like to see the DTI develop regulations for the vacation ownership industry (time share). These would potentially help consumers be more informed up front, minimise misleading “bait” advertising and help avoid consumers being taken advantage of or trapped in contracts they no longer can afford or wish to use.




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