How To Use The NCT’s Online System

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In the middle of 2017, the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) announced that they were opening up use of their online file submission portal to give Debt Counsellors yet another option in submitting applications to them.

The NCT are able to hear NCA Section 86(7) (b) applications for debt review and are able to declare consumers over indebted and restructure their debt (by consent of all parties) with the same force as a high court. With the introduction of the roving Motion Courts and now the online application software the NCT are able to quickly rule on such cases. They are often able to do so much faster than many of the local Magistrates Courts across the country.

The NCT are also very familiar with debt review matters and love to grant consent orders where all parties are happy with the debt restructuring plan (for example, where a DCRS proposal was used).

Thinking of Giving It A Try?

You may be tempted to make use of the system but feel nervous about how it works (and it recently got a face lift). The user guideline is a great help in figuring out where and what to click.

Download the Guide

You can download that here:

NCT Decission Support System User Guide – Debt Counsellor_1.2



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