Debtfree Magazine December – The Cover

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Debtfree Magazine December

debtfree-digi-december-2016_cover_smallWe love to give our readers a look at the upcoming issue. This month we not only review the year (2016 was an interesting one) but we also look at recent news and discuss what some consider issues in the industry right now. For consumers, we look at Credit Scores and what affect your debt review can have on your credit score. We look at what it is and what a good or bad score means for you.

And man, oh man, doesn’t that picture look so good? We hope you get to have a nice break this December.


We hope you enjoy the issue which will be available to read online soon. Be sure to subscribe (if you have not already done so before) to get your reminder email. You can also follow us on twitter and Facebook for sneak peaks.

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