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The year sure has got off to a busy start, with petrol prices going up, electricity hikes looming, water getting increasingly scarce, President Trump causing all sorts of chaos (which has been good for the Rand) and all those tricky back to school costs.

new years resolutionsA lot of people make new year’s resolutions like: “this year I am going to get out of debt”. What a great idea!

Sadly, as we know, following through on new year’s resolutions can be a lot harder than making them.  Most people fail by the end of the first month.

Well, if this year getting rid of debt is one of the things in your life you would like to tackle then, fortunately, we have some helpful info for you about one of the ways you may be able to do that. In this issue, we discuss all the different aspects of the debt review process. We look at how to combat debt, what to do when your debt is out of control, who can help you and how the debt review process works. We compare the NCT and Court processes. We also compare paying off your debts according to the debt restructuring plan oneself with paying via a PDA. The issue should give you an idea of how the process works and if it would be right for you. If you are already under debt review, this issue will remind you of what you have been through and where you are in the process at the moment. It will also help you see the way ahead.

We also have some interesting industry news to help you keep up to date and we consider a recent court case which is having an impact on the industry. That and so much more. Time can slip by and good intentions can fall by the wayside if you don’t watch out. The key is to have clear defined goals and identify steps you need to take each month to achieve them. We hope you enjoy the issue and that the months that lie ahead bring you closer to all your goals (including being debt free).


Debtfree Jan 2017 CoverThis article is taken from the Jan 2017 issue of Debtfree Magazine.

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