4 Bank Robberies Last Year or 100?

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Bank Robbery Statsistics

Ever wondered how many bank robberies happen in South Africa each year?

The SAPS ave reported that during 2018 there were 4 bank robberies in South Africa. The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) however reports that they have recorded over 100 bank robberies during the same year.

Why the Huge Difference?

Due to the way the police classify a bank robbery (for example, they don’t count it as a bank robbery if the crooks only robbed the people inside the bank and not the safe, or if the robbery happened after work hours), there are some differences in the figures. Also, the 2 organisations run their year from slightly different dates (um..Jan 1st anyone?).

Either way, the statistics show that bank robberies do happen and that crimes at banks happened at least 100 times during 2018.

Statistics from both SAPS & SABRIC show that cash in transit crimes significantly dropped in 2018 (about a 22% drop).