A Movie That Entertains and Trains

One Way To Graceland

The recently released movie One Way To Graceland tackles the topics of debt and finances in a clever attempt to help consumers become more financially literate.

While many consumers find the prospect of learning and financial literacy as boring or too much hard work, the movie attempts to combine the subject into the lives of the characters in the movie. The movie stars Candice Modiselle and Tau Maserumule and looks at the life of a 3rd year student who gets swept up and fascinated in the modern instant gratification, consumer driven society prevalent in SA today.


So far, over 75 000 learners have seen the movie and it is hoped that around another 15 000 will see the movie over the next few months. The movie was sponsored in part by Liberty and Calgro M3 and shows how the media can help teach consumers to discuss and tackle debt head on.

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