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ABSA Debt Review

ABSA Debt Review Department have given consent for Debt Counsellors to serve documents in regard to consent orders on the following email address:

ABSA Debt Review Department say however that they are still receiving a high number of incomplete proposals, resulting in a proposal rework or decline. They point to a few of the commonly missing items: the cascading payment plans for all accounts needs to be included, all accounts on COB should be on the proposal and insurance premiums have to be catered for on the proposal.











Download the document for use at court in regard to service affidavits here: ABSA permission to serve consent 2012

This document is worth having on file.

Many Magistrates want to see consent to service documentation to ensure all parties are fully aware of the situation. Few however ask for the confirmatory affidavits from creditors which are actually required by the recent DTI published regulations.