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ABSA Debt Counsellor Workshop

This week ABSA were busy in Cape Town meeting with Debt Counsellors. They attended the Dcasa workshop and made a presentation and also hosted their own workshop in the heart of the city.

The workshop was held on the foreshore at the ABSA building (next to SARS). Guests began arriving before 9am and were greeted to some coffee, tea and muffins.

Distressed Customer Solutions

ABSA Debt Review have rebranded and are now called Distressed Customer Solutions. This reflects there increased focus on their client and helping them through the debt review process (and other distressed clients as well). On several occasions they pointed out their desire to assist their clients through the initial stages of the debt review journey within just 40 days.

The workshop centered around discussions of each different part of the debt review process and how Debt Counsellors are finding their interactions with ABSA.

Also in attendance was one of ABSA’s legal teams who appear for them in debt review matters in Cape Town and Jhb. This presented them with a chance to discuss their mandate and goals in dealing with court matters. ABSA have cut back on legal opposition by 40% in recent months.

ABSA are also looking forward to the use of a new updated computer system for their department. They discussed some of the functionality they are building and how it will speed up their side of the process and allow Debt Counsellors easy access to additional info.


Though some contentious issues were raised, the overall tone of the meeting was positive and happy.

People were able to speak up and ask questions throughout. It was a good opportunity for Debt Counsellors to get insights into some common issues and also propose simple solutions (eg. Adding some extra info to ‘termination’ correspondence).

ABSA say they will hold similar workshops with Debt Counsellors in other parts of the country in the months ahead.