African Bank Debit Order Cancellation Tip

How to Speedily Cancel Debit Orders With African Bank

When consumers enter debt review they often have existing debit orders to cover debt repayments. Because the consumers debts will now all be paid via a Payment Distribution Agency (in 99% of cases) this means that those existing debit orders need to be cancelled or they may cause (1) two payments to be made for the same debt; or (2) money to be taken from the consumer’s account which they need to pay their monthly debt review instalment (for those same debts).

After a consumer’s situation has been reviewed the Debt Counsellor will inform the consumer and credit providers whether they qualify for debt review. They will then send out a Form 17.2 which says that the consumer has (or hasn’t) been accepted into the process. It is now at this point where a consumers debit orders would need to be cancelled.

Banks ask that consumers send them a request to cancel these debit orders in writing. Banks have their own standardised forms for this. Often times a Debt Counsellor may send this cancellation request along with the Form 172 to the various banks in the same email if they know the person will now be having their debts restructured.


African Bank suggests sending them the 17.2 and the cancellation letter in two separate emails as this speeds up the process. The emails should include the consumer’s ID number (until POPI kicks in).



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  1. I am currently under Debt review and they have informed me that they have Requested a Debit order Cancellation from Africa Bank, but Africa Bank has debit twice on my account, please clarify.

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