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When Consumers Really Do Their Homework

The latest Episode of the Debt Review With Dummies Podcast is all about a consumer who knew exactly what to expect from the debt review process. And she made a great success of her time in debt review.

Do Your Homework

Entering debt review is normally an act of desperation.

Maybe it is something that comes to mind because of the reminder in a scary letter from a credit provider (a section 129 letter). 

Some consumers however see trouble coming and realize that debt review can help them stay out of deep debt trouble. They do their homework and reach out to a Debt Counsellor (or two or three) and discuss how debt review can help.

This is what June did. As a result, she breezed through the debt review process and she has recently purchased a new home after completing her debt review. 

If you would like to hear more about how she did it, how her Debt Counsellor worked closely with her before, during and even after her debt review head over to:

Episode 14: June Did Her Homework