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Debtfree Magazine Cover

Debtfree Cover – January 2019

We like to give our readers a quick look at our upcoming issue’s cover in advance.

This month’s cover looks tranquil, peaceful, relaxing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could describe the whole of 2019 that way? Maybe you will…especially compared to the year your friends are going to have.

Subscribers get a quick, simple email telling the new issue is out and a link to follow to come here to the website to read the mag. If you have not already subscribed then you can do so totally for free by emailing:

Just send the word subscribe from the address you want to get the reminder email to and we will do the rest.

The new issue will be out soon.

Submit Your Quarterly Report & Form 41

NCR Form 41 & 4th Quarter Report Due Each year Debt Counsellors submit quarterly reports (every 3 months) called Form 42s to the NCR and also submit an annual Compliance Return. The compliance return (Form 41) ask the Debt Counsellor … read more