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January Tip – Back To School

Buying lots of back to school items for your kids in January can be very expensive.

If you have been saving each month of the year towards these annual expenses while under debt review then you should be fine. This is one of the benefits of sticking to the budget your Debt Counsellor works out with you.

If you have not got enough saved and are worried about buying everything you need and still making your debt review repayment at the end of January, then remember that you can split up some of the shopping over time.

You could buy some of the items in Jan and then some more in Feb or even later in the year (like winter uniforms or sports outfits).

Look For Specials

Many stores like SHOPRITE run specials at this time of year (see image) that can help. Shop around and find a good deal.

Don’t Miss A Payment

Be sure that you do not miss a debt review repayment and lose everything you have worked so hard for this far. It will make life much worse for your children than having to wait a few weeks for some school items will.