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Warning For Debt Review Clients

Scams are not uncommon these days and some target those in debt review.

Here is one scam thats been doing the rounds lately.

'Fake Debt Collectors

Standard Bank has recently issued this warning to debt review clients (and their Debt Counsellors):

It has recently come to our attention that Debt Review customers are being targeted by fraudsters pretending to be debt collectors on behalf of Standard Bank.

‘Debt Review customers are being targeted by fraudsters pretending to be debt collectors’

Customers are receiving calls and/or WhatsApp messages, advising them that their account/s are in arrears and that  the customer needs to make an urgent payment in order to avoid further legal action.

It appears that customers are being requested to make payment into an individual’s transactional account and to utilize that individuals name as the reference number.

Please be advised that under no circumstances would Standard Bank request a customer to make payments directly into an individual’s private bank account.

To Debt Counsellors the bank had this advice:

We strongly urge you to please alert your customers about the above scam and please encourage them to first verify any new banking details directly with yourselves or Standard Bank (0861 111 402) before making payments.

Catch Those Crooks

It is great to see the Banks being so proactive about protecting clients under debt review.

Debt Counsellors have also been warning their clients about these types of scams.

The incident has been referred to Standard Bank’s internal fraud department and they are now investigating the matter.