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Black Friday is Coming - Your Money Is Going

The adverts for Black Friday are now coming fast and furious. Will you miss out on unbeatable deals if you don’t shop on Black Friday?

Black Friday is a fantastic opportunity for retailers to make some good sales before the end of the year arrives. It can help balance the books (bring them back into the “Black” – back into profit, as the saying goes).

But, What about us consumers? Is Black Friday a good thing or a bad thing for us?

Can Consumers Also Save?

There are definitely good deals to be had for consumers on Black Friday. It does however depend on a number of factors.

One thing to consider is do you actually need the products on offer. You may want it but do you need it?

do you actually need the products on offer?

The offer itself may be amazing good value but perhaps you do not need to buy… 100 horses (yes, we are just being silly here). They may be incredibly cheap per horse but where would you keep them, feed them and can you even ride a horse?

Silly example, yes but it makes the point.

You may not need that electronic gadget or whatever it is that is being advertised, no matter how good the price is.

You may try convince yourself you will need it one day but if you do not need it now and cannot easily afford it now then BEWARE.

Best Price Ever!!!

You may see a huge discount offered on a product but find that the “original” price shown is sort of exaggerated in adverts.


Many times you may be able to find a much better price with just a minute or two spent on Google.

It is not uncommon for retailers to try make their deal seem the best it is by saying they have taken RX off the price. But if you could find it somewhere else for a similar price then it is no real saving at all.

The Right Product At The Right Price

Sometimes an amazing sale of a product that you do need comes around on Black Friday. What then?

Well, then it comes down to: can you actually afford it right now?

If you have been saving and can get a good deal then: Go For It!

If you do not have the funds saved up then you may have to skip the deal this time around and just save up and shop wisely later.

Yes, it may cost more but when you are living on less (and perhaps do not have access to credit, like when you are under debt review) then you cannot spend what you do not have.

Be Smart

Yes, Black Friday can be a great opportunity to make a wise purchase that you have been saving towards. 

Mostly however it is a chance for businesses to make more sales. In many cases, sales to people who cannot really afford the items and have to plunge themselves deeper into debt to buy the things on sale.

‘Check your budget and make sure you can afford what you are shopping for’

So, be wise. Check your budget and make sure you can afford what you are shopping for.

Don’t let your social media feeds and adverts tell you what you need. Don’t dwell on adverts for things you do not actively need right now. 

Beware Black Friday!