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Please Watch Out

Please be wary if someone calls and says that a summons has been issued or a judgment has been granted for your car.

Even if the person says they are a lawyer or a different Debt Counsellor than your own.

The person may tell you details such as your ID, address, who your Debt Counsellor is and even what car you drive. They may know which bank it is financed with and offer to help you deal with the problem.

The idea is to get you to pay an amount into a bank account in order to “stop” the legal action. They pressure you to do so immediately.

Because the people calling may have lots of info you may panic and think the scam is real.

What To Do

Your desire to protect your asset is natural and you should take any such call seriously.

But…don’t pay anything to anyone until your Debt Counsellor has investigated fully. Remember, debt review is a legal process via courts and any legal action should involve your Debt Counsellor and attorney. Not just some random person on a phone call.

Your Debt Counsellor and attorney can double check what is being claimed and help you resolve it.

‘don’t pay anything to anyone until your Debt Counsellor has investigated fully’

Simply putting money into some account without checking all the facts could mean that you simply lose that money. If that happens then you may not be able to pay for your other debts or monthly necessities. This can force you to drop out of debt review and then you may indeed lose your assets.

So, please be wise. Get all the details they give and get your Debt Counsellor on the call (add them to the call right away or hang up and contact them with what was said).

Remember some naughty people will even show you a document that looks like a court order but has the wrong information on it or the incorrect stamp or date. Don’t fall for their tricks. Get hep and stay safe.

Be Smart

Unfortunately, there are many different scams out there.

Some scammers offer to get you out of debt review or help you get a loan even if you are on debt review. Others will phone you up and try get you to pay money into a different bank account than usual.

Keep your wits about you and talk directly with your Debt Counsellor whenever you get a call, email, sms or Whatsapp like this.