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Capfin Loans Now Belong To CenCap

soldConsumer Friend handle debt review related matters for (among other firms) popular credit provider Capfin. Capfin offer loans to consumers and their product was bought in 2013 by Southern View Finance UK. Now Southern View Finance UK Ltd has been sold to Century Capitol (Pty) Ltd which is also known for short as CenCap.

From 1 July 2016

As such Consumer Friend in their correspondence regarding Capfin credit will now say Century Capital (Pty) Ltd in their CoBs or acceptance letters. Which means that when Debt Counsellors make reference to this credit provider and these products they need to make sure the details they use match on their court documents or documents to the National Consumer Tribunal. The courts are particular that they want to see the right entity mentioned and contacted etc in regard to important court matters.

CenCap Address

Century Capital (Pty) Ltd delivery/street address is 1 Industrie Street, Kuils River 7580.