CAPFIN move debt review to Consumer Friend

Consumer Friend gain CAPFIN as a client

Consumer Friend have made the following announcement in regard to CAPFIN making use of their services to care fore their debt review needs:

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To All Debt Counsellors and other Key Stakeholders
This letter serves to inform you of an upcoming development within Consumer Friend’s Debt Review space which you need to be aware of. It is a critical development which the Debt Review Team is very excited about and it is hoped that once you know about it, you will be equally excited.
We take great pleasure in advising that CAPFIN have taken the initiative to appoint Samdale Trading (Pty) Ltd t/a CONSUMER FRIEND as its service provider in dealing with all CAPFIN debt review accounts. The effective date of our mandate is 18 September 2012. All Debt Review accounts which have entered the Debt Review process prior to 18 September 2012 will ALSO be dealt with by CONSUMER FRIEND.

Please be patient with us on these accounts as we will make contact with each of you to ensure a smooth transition of these existing matters.
All payments are to be made to Consumer Friend, quoting the reference number advised on the Regulation 24.

47 comments on “CAPFIN move debt review to Consumer Friend

  1. Good Morning. My name is Palesa Moeketsi, and I am a client of Capfin Loans I have been under the debt review since from 2013. The reason I am sending this e-mail to you is because I am no longer happy with the debt counseling procedures as I have realised that some of my creditors statements don’t correspond with debt counselors statements, however I would like to find out from you if it’s possible for me to make another repayment arrangement with you. of which you will be receiving payment direct from me and not from my debt counselors. I also request to pay the same amount that I was paying through the debt counselor promising to push as soon as I get balanced. And if my request is possible where can I make the payment to.

    • Hi Palesa, you will have to contact them directly.
      Please note though that the problem you are facing is a super common one and is a result of the credit provider system and not the Debt Counsellor ( i think you actually get a statement from the PDA and not the Debt Counsellor)

      Regarding paying directly and not via the PDA and to the Debt Counsellor. While this sounds like a simple idea you still have to pay the Debt Counsellors fee if you are under debt review even if you don’t make use of a PDA and pay yourself. Also don’t mess up a months payments or you lose the legal protection of the rearrangement and the creditor can demand all the arrears and interest they have been calculating on their system outside of debt review.

      If you later want to get out of debt review (say a year later) or have the debt review status taken off your account you will need to make catch up payments to the Debt Counsellor at that poit of their monthly fees before you receive assistance anyway so it is not like you save any extra funds you just lose out on their help during those months.

      That said it is our choice and you can pay them direct now and pay the DC each month or when you want to access credit again in the future.

      I always say if you have a problem with a credit provider get the Debt Counsellor to help you rather than try go back to the chaos that was your life before debt review when you know how difficult the credit providers were to deal with.

      Try contact Capfin directly at a branch.
      Consumer friend and the massively reduced rates and fees they give consumers under debt review are only available via Debt Counselling.

  2. I was under debt review but I have pay all my creditors cash and I receive pay up letters including clearance certificate that was 2 months ago but banks still decline my applications even shops doesn’t accept me I would like to what make that.Credit beru said they have update me already is not them letting banks to decline me

  3. good day

    i am have been under debt review since 2014 November, and i want to pay up my capfin loan. when i called capfin for a settlement quote i was referred to consumer friend. i have been holding the line at consumer friend and no one answers for almost 1 hour…. please assist me with a way forward.

  4. I have been trying to get hold of your office, I got the number from CAPFIN. i was also under debt review but got cleared in March 2016, i need to pay the outstanding balance to CAPFIN because i am unable to get home loans etc. please assist to clear my name because i know that CAPFIN is the only Debt i have. i need the reference and banking details and clearance letter

  5. i have a debit order with EASTON BERRY INC i last tolk to them in this number 011 045 6557 on the 3 March 2017
    i use to check my balance that day they gave the balance. Last week i called the office three times the phone sounds engaged all the time. i need to know my balance

  6. good day
    i have been under debt review since October 2016, and i want to pay up my capfin loan. when i called capfin for a settlement quote i was referred to consumer friend. i phoned them yesterday and I have been holding the line at consumer friend and no one answers for almost 1 hour and it’s costing me a lot, if only I can be cleared off from Debt Review . please assist me with a way forward.

  7. I skipped one month instalment so I checked my record and found I was blocked, I want to open account so I want to know if I pay the amount how long will it to be cleared by you,capfin

    • Hi Liesbeth, it might be better to go into a branch or talk to them directly as we don’t know how often they check this post. If you are under debt review remember to talk to your debt counsellor and not the credit provider direct.

  8. Good day Im done with my debt at Capfin, this is now about 4moths I beg for my paid up letter, maybe I must go to Hello Peter to ask for this letter as the consultants just don’t reply on any email or telephone enquiry how long must i still wait for the paif up letters.

    • If you have paid up your debt through debt review then work via your debt counsellor.
      If you were not under debt review then consider sending them a registered letter demanding they send you the required info (and remove any credit bureau listing)?

  9. Morning I request you to update consumer profile accordingly as documents send and all accounts related matters has been resolved hope this in order

  10. Good day I have requested clearance certificate or paid up letter but no responds for 2 months I working through my debt counsoller but with no luck yet have we received any response all the new email addresses that we have is incorrect please can you assist me in this matter please.

    • We have asked Consumer Friend to make contact and assist.
      It might be worth speaking to your debt counsellor again as well since the new DReX system from Consumer Friend is amazing.

  11. Good day I have problem, I am a person who was ower Capifin money which I did pay so I have been told to wait 7 to 21 days so that the can remove my name from credit bureau so still now am still waiting for them to remove my name, last week I call Capfin the tell me I should contact credit bureau so please can you help me to find number of credit bureau

    • It is best to google them.
      Start with compuscan and transunion.
      Each credit bureau has a complaint form you can fill in saying that the credit provider has not removed the listing. It normally takes about a month to get things sorted out.

  12. Hi I’ve been under debt review since 2012 I would like to clear my name I have been emailing consumer friend and capfin and also contacted them via phone but yet no response. See I am unable to continue with payments due to personal reasons I have the unfortune of not being able to work but for several years i have been worried about my crediet. So please help me with a paid up letter or a prescribed letter or just give me the proper contact details from whom I can receive a paid up or prescribed letter. Sincerely Carmen

    • Sorry to hear you have fallen out of debt review. Sadly your debts will now revert to the original agreements (which may drastically affect the balances due since their concessions will disappear and they will backdate amounts owed).

      You should go into the credit providers branch for help with these credit providers. The credit provider debt review departments won’t be able to help you any longer since they interact with debt counsellors primarily. You may have to deal with their normal collections people now.

  13. Please i want to pay fully to capfin and be cleared but consumer friend is not taking oir calls just give us onother option maybe with banks or shops this service is not helping

  14. Please help.
    I was under debt review ,I have paid in full my debt counselor sent to credit beuro n I also received clearance letter.I am now removed from debt review but Capfin still says I owe is this possible because I’ve got payed up letter from them?

    • Well, Capfin need to sort out their records…if anyone ever turns you down for credit you have the legal right (because of the NCA) to ask for the reason in writing. Maybe this is what you need to do? This may guide you in the next step.

  15. I have being trying to call Capfin about the paid up letter for almost two weeks ago till now i did not get the respond so please assists me with those documents because i really need it please,it is an urgent matter….

    • 1) You may have some assets you can sell to come up with the money all in one go.
      2) You could do what some people foolishly do = use other credit to pay their credit.
      3) They may be able to take you to court and get a judgement etc.
      4) You could call them and ask them to make a plan or their collections attorneys will call you and try to do the same.

  16. Hi,I am Keaobaka mosaeome since I have been trying to get to capfin head office to make payment arrangements but no one is willing to help me because last they said I have to call de kok attorneys and de kok attorneys said my account was withdrawn from them on the 22 December 2015 than I ended up making payment arrangements with the previous attorneys that they use to contact me say they are calling on behalf of capfin for debt collection

    • Hi Keaobaka, That sounds irritating. Why not go into your local Debt Counsellor for some advice about your debt situation. Maybe through debt review, you could make a single monthly payment that is for all your debts?

  17. Good day

    I once had a Capfin account and was advised in March 2018 by Consumer Friend consultants that this account has been paid in full in 2015 already. I have made several attempts to phone calls and e-mails to the collecting attorney which at the time was Easton Berry and gave them this information that was given to me as the account was paid in full with them. I am still listed on the Bureau with an outstanding amount. I am now also receiving phone calls from DMC as they are instructed to do collection according to them. I just want this paid up letter issued to me and my name cleared from the Bureau. This matter has been dragging to long. You send this people e-mails and e-mails and they are not even professional enough to respond or give you an outcome to whether the matter has been finalized or not. I await an urgent reply to this matter.

    • Your Debt Counsellor (if youa re still under debt review) can use their online system to draw that letter in a matter of minutes. Maybe speak to them?

  18. I was once a Capfin loan client now that I have paid them in full I need paid up letter for me to be able to clear my name. Kindly assist, I have tried emails and phone calls but I was unsuccessful

  19. Why did capfin took me to the Easton berry ?they must contact the consumer friend not me cause i was calling capfin several times about that issue ,i want to pay my installment so that capfin didn’t want me to pay my acc.they told me that i must call the debt review & I didn’t have any agreement with them so I don’t know how can I do cause i want to pay my installment.

    • Are you under debt review?
      If you are and have not missed a payment (and are still in the process) then your debt counsellor will help you sort out any issues…and that will be via Consumer Friend who represent CapFin for their debt review matters.

      If you are not in the process then capfin will hand you over to their collections people (easton berry in this case) and they will try to collect from you nicely and then via a summons and judgement later if you don’t pay what they demand.

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