CREDIT & DEBT Law Conference – Report

The Credit & Debt Law Conference – July 2014 The Credit & Debt Law Conference was held in Gauteng in July 2014. Debtfree attended to see what those in the collections and credit industrys were learning and thinking about recent … read more

NCR Pounce on Naughty Micro Lenders

NCR Raid Micro Lenders Offices The National Credit Regulator (NCR) have conducted raids on smaller creditor providers in Gauteng province in a bid to stop the abuse of consumers by unscrupulous lenders and ensure compliance with various provisions of the National … read more

Spending Freeze- the new hot word

THE HOT NEW THING Levels of household indebtedness among South Africans continues to cause concern; yet there are practical steps that those who are struggling to manage their finances can take, such as implementing what is known as a ‘Spending … read more

Credit & Debt Law Conference Today

CREDIT & DEBT Law Conference The Credit and Debt Law Conference happens today in Gauteng. The conference will focus in on the effect of recent legislative changes and amendments on credit extension and debt collection as well as the debt … read more

CIF Meeting Cancelled

CIF Meeting Cancelled at last minute   Today’s CIF meeting has been cancelled. Apparently an email was sent out on Friday but did not reach all parties. Those traveling to Gauteng from all over the country arrived this morning only … read more